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Video of the Week: I like the second feature better by The Jerry Gross Organization

By Devora Cascante on February 5, 2015



The Jerry Gross Organization are a new trio based in Ottawa. But you might recognize the band members’ names from various past projects. Steve Fouchard and Ross Henwood have been writing music and playing together since they were teenagers. They were introduced to Bill Guerrero (The Band Whose Name is a Symbol) when he recorded their previous band, The City Above, for a feature on his radio show (Crimes Against Music on CKCU FM).

They have been making music together since mid-2013 and are set to release their debut album, Just Pull it Down, shortly. In the meantime, here’s the video for “I like the second feature better”, which is the closing track and one of two instrumental songs on the album.

I like the old-timey cartoon visuals. The shadowy, repetitive images complement the distorted notes of this drone-y piece.  Have a look:


I look forward to hearing more.

You can follow The Jerry Gross Organization on Tumblr or Facebook.