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Video of the Week: Hollerado’s “Pick Me Up”

By Jared Davidson on December 13, 2012


The indie rocking Hollerado released yesterday what may be their oddest video yet. And for the band that once filmed themselves racing ostriches, that may be quite an accomplishment. As I look through Hollerado’s extensive library of music videos, it immediately becomes clear that this is a band that values the visual medium. Each of their productions is unique and compelling: you’ll find no formulaic band-rocks-out-under-bright-lights videos here.

“Pick Me Up” is fever dream of puppetry, catchy tunes and balloons—so many balloons. It’s a bit hard to parse, but the video seems to be a nostalgic exploration of a child’s fascination with hot air balloons. And… then the band finds a haystack in the field and it becomes a balloon. Eventually the balloons bring them to space, where they are chased by some kind of happy space-snake.

The single is taken from their soon-to-be-released sophomore album, White Paint, due out in February. The music immediately catchy and fun, very much in line with classic Hollerado fare. If the rest of the album is like this, I’ll certainly be picking it up.

Also, is that Andrew Haydon Park in the background?