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Screenshot: Jasmine Trails, Art House Cafe (YouTube)

Video of the Week: Fall into a purple dream with Jasmine Trails on Art House TV

By Grace O'Manique on March 23, 2022

Somerset Street fixture Art House Cafe’s exciting new digital venue series, Art House TV, includes an intimate concert with Jasmine Trails. In the video, she is seated at the café’s antique piano, her notebook propped up with “It’s Within You!” written opposite her songs.

Trails gracefully sings vivid words of emotion, nature, and strength over the piano and electric guitar, surrounded by dancing colours and candlelight. The setlist includes “The Clouds Roll By,” “Indigo,” and “The Age Of Cilantro,” all off of her self-mixed album Destiny, Sweeter. Do not miss this truly magical experience of visuals and sound!

Watch the Jasmine Trails concert in the player below.