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Jesse Harding. Photo: Jeff Watkins (Loretta Media).

Video of the Week: “Everywhere” by Jesse Harding (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

By Sonya Gankina on March 10, 2021



In this new live music video, set at Black Squirrel Books, Jesse Harding is entirely surrounded by books and only books. Filmed by Ottawa’s Jeff Watkins, we get to see multiple angles of the artist (and more books!). The video is centred on the artist’s performance of “Everywhere”, a cheery song about love and a Fleetwood Mac original.

Honouring the way the song was made in 1987, Jesse also uses an acoustic guitar for his live performance. His cover adds an extra layer of emotion, well-executed by the artist’s gentle voice. Warning: feelings may arise.

Jesse Harding is a Canadian musician from Northern Ontario, now residing in Ottawa. A multi-instrumentalist and a singer-songwriter, Harding is known for his melancholic and sometimes sombre sound which explores a wide range of personal emotional experiences. His debut album Little Death came out in 2020 and all proceeds went to Helping Our Northern Neighbours. The entire album was written, recorded, and produced by Jesse in a span of a single week.

You can view more videos of Jesse’s performances on his YouTube channel.