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Flute Siva/YouTube.

Video of the Week: Carol of the Bells

By Apartment613 on December 22, 2021

The talented cellist Raphael Weinroth-Browne is no stranger to our VOTW column. But in this rendition of  “Carol of the Bells,” he takes a backseat while Ottawa-based bamboo flute player Flute Siva shines. The instrument’s material lends it a mellower sound than the usual concert flute, something that works well with this classic Christmas song.

The ethereal bamboo flute takes centre stage, as Siva elegantly glides between long sustained notes before the buildup, when we find out just how sharp a flute can be in a series of staccato notes. Weinroth-Browne adds texture in the background. But the track really comes into its own when the background percussion goes full hip hop.

All told, this is a great version of the beloved “Carol of the Bells.” The video was professionally shot in Southminster United Church in Old Ottawa South.

“Carol of the Bells” featuring Raphel Weinroth-Browne appears on Flute Siva’s new EP Christmas Songs Vol. 1: Bamboo Perspectives. 

Watch in the player below.