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Photo by Bilal Hamdan

Video of the Week: Buck n Nice

By Jared Davidson on March 11, 2016

Last Friday saw the release of the long-awaited video for “Welcome to Infinity,” the first track off Buck n’ Nice’s sophomore record Emag. They threw a release party at Flapjack’s, and invited special guests Circa Beatz and F. Printz to help them show it to the world. The guest list was a veritable who’s-who of Ottawa hip hop as the community came out to support one of the city’s hottest groups. [youtube][/youtube]

The video they revealed shows a more serious side of Buck n Nice. The new song, which has been available in sans-video form for some time, begins with the phrase “A liar tells you that he never lies,” before traversing such topics as genocide, power politics and revolution. It seems clear that Emag will tackle more serious topics than did their first release, Us Versus Them, perhaps because the group is now established, and though they no longer need to struggle to get noticed, they have plenty more to prove.

Shot in various Toronto locations, “Welcome to Infinity” uses as its visual motif some pages torn from an old book. The video was conceived and created by Boom Shoal Enterprises, a production company out of Toronto. The video is framed by a man (played by Jonny Rockwell of Philly Moves, the Ottawa hip hop veteran duo who now call Toronto their home) who is trying to preserve his “favourite story,” a futile act as the book has already been defaced and many of the pages are missing.

The question being asked is clear: how can you be sure of the stories you love until you can view them as a whole, unfiltered by our culture. Reportedly, the book from which the pages are torn was provided by a member of Boom Shoal, Alex Zampino, and is a book of history from the 1900s, thus reinforcing the song’s allusions to the mistreatment of Indigenous peoples in North America.

As for their new album, Buck n’ Nice are planning on a summer release. Emag’s official release date will be announced in May, but the group says that the album is recorded with only mixing and mastering to be completed.

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