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Video of the week: Boyhood gets into trouble with Thailand

By Diane Bond on April 4, 2013


Ottawa-based band Boyhood released a new video this week and we have so many questions! Bullets? Balaclavas? Misdoings at the City Centre?

The band – AKA Caylie Runciman (guitar/vox/keys), Callum Runciman (drums/vox), Luke Martin (bass) and Alex Stakovic (guitar) – took to the back alleys and dingy corridors of Ottawa to film a curious narrative to accompany the track Thailand, from their soon-to-be released self-titled LP.

The video was produced by Travis Boisvenue (who we know already from past projects Modulo and Roberta Bondar’s Night Danger video). When asked where the original concept came from Travis says, “All I knew going in was that Caylie wanted blood and guns, and I wanted Pierre Richardson to wear a ski mask again (like he did in the Pregnancy Scares video). A lot of our planned ideas ended up getting made into three other videos.”

Blood and guns? Check. Ski masks? Definitely made it in. Police cruiser? Oops.

“The video was shot pretty quickly,” he continues. “We went in with ideas, but ended up scrapping most of them when we found some ‘props’ around the location and got in some trouble.”

Travis doesn’t elaborate on what kind of trouble they got into, but he mentions that the cruiser and cop are not faked.

He goes on to explain. I wanted to capture the vibe of the day, and the feeling of the song. Real life doesn’t have a story structure or any explanations. Since it was a real day being documented, I didn’t want anyone to think we made a ‘movie’, or something that was scripted.”

Boyhood will be playing at Ottawa Explosion Weekend June 19-23. Check the festival website for the full line-up and ticket information.