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Video of the week: Big Dick toils with Witchcraft

By Diane Bond on August 16, 2013


Big Dick have been having a busy summer.

The duo – Dave Secretary (drums, vocals) and Johnny O (bass, vocals) – have an upcoming show at the Arborteum Arts Festival on Saturday and have also released their video, Witchcraft, today.

Shot and edited by Travis Boisvenue, the video features various local haunts (can you guess which ones?), as well as modular visual effects by Arturo Brisindi (AKA Hard Science), and appearances from Niko Jensen and Erica Sainsbury.

“Travis deserves all the credit for this, he put the whole thing together,” says Secretary. “He had a strong concept from the beginning, and approached us about doing a video for that track. We brainstormed for a bit and shot the whole thing in an afternoon.”

Good things come together quickly!

Big Dick plays Waller Park at 3:15pm on Saturday, August 17. For festival passes and schedule information, check the Arboretum website.