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L to R: Caleb Ficner, Brendan Burden, Mercedes Ventura

Vanier Type: Alan Neal interviews the photographer crew

By Greggory Clark on January 21, 2021

Listen to the complete CBC Radio interview here.

Three photographers from Vanier—Brendan Burden, Caleb Ficner, and Mercedes Ventura—are working with Apartment613 to document the history of their community in a new photo series called #VanierType.

Since 2020, we’ve been sharing their sign photos and collecting your stories for a book we dream of creating as a community. Follow @apt613 on Instagram to see all the photos as they are posted. In the comments, we’d love it if you would share your experiences, memories, and thoughts about the signage and the places that are represented (as well as the ones now gone and nearly forgotten). We love sharing these photos with you and reading your stories about Vanier, a neighbourhood with a rich history that deserves to be collectively remembered.

This week on CBC Radio, Brendan, Caleb and Mercedes had the chance to speak with All in a Day host Alan Neal about their #VanierType work. In case you missed it, the 10-minute interview is streaming now on the CBC Radio website. Click here to listen in.

Besides learning about their unique approaches to this project, and their personal favourite photos, it was so cool to hear the photographers comment and reflect on each others’ work. Although they’re all Vanier residents, Brendan, Caleb and Mercedes have never met before! Were it not for the pandemic, we’d have surely introduced them by now… At some point down the line, we promise to host a party and exhibition in Vanier to share their work, when it’s safe again to gather.

Explore #VanierType on Twitter or Instagram. Listen to the complete CBC Radio interview here.


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