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Quelque Chose Pâtisserie. All photos by Alroy Fonseca.

Foodie Friday: Best Of Vanier Cafés

By Apartment613 on April 29, 2016



Post by Monique Ménard‐Kilrane.

I moved to Vanier about 3 years ago. For a community that’s only 2 kilometers away from the Rideau Centre, I was surprised at how little I knew about it. But walking around, trying local businesses and taking advantage of the cycling paths and parks have been great ways to fall in love with this neighbourhood.

My hope is to spread this love to others who don’t know Vanier as much. To start, here are my favorite independently owned spots in Vanier to have a coffee—places that have a welcoming and modern vibe and that are perfect for hanging out with friends, reading a book or writing your memoirs.

1. Quelque ChosePâtisserie

Quelque chose photo 2

Situated in a quaint space on Montreal Road, Quelque ChosePâtisserie definitely has quelque chose amazing to offer. As soon as you enter, you feel transported to a candy store-like atmosphere with turquoise walls, chalkboard menu and an impressive display of colorful macarons.

Owners Julia Dahdah and David Seba really know their pastries, having studied at École Ferrandi in Paris and at Casserole du Chef in Venezuela, respectively. If you have a sweet tooth, this is a place in Ottawa you really want to get to know. A box of their delicious macarons as a gift will make anyone happy…if you can resist eating them all before!

Quelque Chose is also a wonderful place to have a coffee and delicious croissant in the morning sun. (I recommend the poached egg in a fresh croissant). The atmosphere is serene with music playing and the fresh smell of baking and sweet, sweet sugar.

Quelque Chose Patisserie is located at 274 Montreal Road. They are open Tuesday – Sunday, check their website for store hours and follow them on Instagram.

2. Red Door Provisions

Red Door photo 2

Red Door Provisions has quickly become a neighbourhood staple. Located in a house on Beechwood Avenue with amazing character, it boasts bright white walls and wooden accents, creating a sunny and cozy atmosphere. This is my favourite place to get some work done away from the office.

Their food speciality: grilled cheese with a twist. From kale and sunflower pesto with Fontina to apple and cheddar, there is something to please every palate. Looking for a classic?  Order the Kraft single and Heinz ketchup.

This place also has a lovely patio in the summer, where you can soak up the sun with an impressive selection of barista coffees and teas, including a Dirty Chai or a Beechwood Fog. Don’t know what these are? You’ll have to pay a visit to discover them.

On your way out, don’t forget to pick up some of their homemade preserves: jams, pickled vegetables and syrups to flavour your sparkling water. My personal favourite: Summer in India jam, with a touch of lime and cardamom.

Red Door Provisions is at 117 Beechwood Ave. They are open Tuesday – Sunday, check their website for store hours. 

3. Maison Baguettes

Maison Baguette photo 1

The smell of baking will attract you from the street. Here, you will find fresh bread, cinnamon buns, muffins and croissants.

With its brick walls, wood-burning stove in the corner, large bay windows and high ornate ceiling, this bakery / coffee shop has everything you need for an afternoon coffee and pastry with friends. With multiple types of croissants, there is something to please everyone, from maple pecan to chocolate, and even cherry with Greek yogurt.

This is the biggest of the coffee shops, with space for 20 people. Popular with the lunch crowd, their menu offers a different soup specialty everyday.

On top of the local preserves sold daily, Maison Baguettes hosts a farmer every second Saturday for local meat, cheese and honey.

Maison Baguettes is located at 381 Montreal Road. They are open daily. Check their Facebook page for store hours and follow them on Twitter