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Unshaven Mavens: Hair they go again

By Karen Diepeveen on September 5, 2013

Men have Movember, growing out snazzy or spotty facial hair to raise awareness for prostate cancer. And women?

Women get to be Unshaven Mavens.

The brainchild of Malorie Bertrand and Amie Beausoleil, Unshaven Mavens is also all about raising awareness for cancer, particularly around the early warning signs of breast cancer that can be detected in the underarm area.

In an interview on Apartment613 Live, we found out all about the campaign: for the month of October, women grow out their underarm hair – and, as Amie and Malorie pointed out in an interview, it’s not as gross as you might think. “I’ve really changed my whole outlook [on shaving everyday],” said Amie. “I would like to see people experience the liberating feeling it is, being a slave to the shave… It’s not like you’ll be making braids or anything!”

While the issue is a serious one, the campaign takes a deliberate lighthearted approach, embracing as many puns as they can. “Nice pits, Pits for Tits, Pints for Pits… Everyone laughs at it,” Malorie said. “People appreciate the humour behind the campaign, and they appreciate the lightheartedness of it.” They also use the campaign to promote natural skincare products and raise awareness of the sometimes-unhealthy products we use on a daily basis.

Anyone who want to get involved should head over to their launch party this Friday at Mercury Lounge. Prizes will be had – you can even win your face printed on Beau’s bottle caps for the year to come. There will be food from Zen Kitchen, VJ Ina will be on hand with a video display, and guys can participate, too, with shaves from House of Barons.

Money for the campaign goes to Rethink Breast Cancer’s Live, Laugh, Learn program based here in Ottawa, a support group for women who have survived breast cancer. “We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the support,” Malorie said – and they’re psyched to see how Ottawa continues to embrace the endeavour, hairy pits and all.

Need more info? Their website has it all.