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Understanding myself better – through my handwriting! + giveaway

By Hollie James on February 18, 2016


Hollie Davies lives in Wellington West with her boyfriend and cat, and loves sharing her experiences that the lovely city of Ottawa has to offer. Catch up with her as @Hollie_Grace7 on Instagram andTwitter.

Left: Photo from Right: Steve Morrison, photo by Hollie Davies.

Left: Photo from Right: Steve Morrison, photo by Hollie Davies.

At one time or another, a fellow by the name of Steve Morrison had a measly $5 in his pocket (which wasn’t even his to begin with – he found it). A happenstance encounter at a brunch left him with a trade – the fiver for a deck of tarot cards. Evolution into palmistry, handwriting analysis and other parlour-style tricks is what followed, culminating in this meeting at Bridgehead where he indulged me by delving into analysing my very own handwriting.

Photo by Hollie Davis.

Photo by Hollie Davis.

Based on a specific methodology, one can observe the good AND the bad, but Steve likes to concentrate and accentuate the positive. There are so many different points of analysis, including spaces between words, spaces between sentences, how you cross your T’s and dot your I’s, upper and lower loops, margins – in fact there are a whopping 175 characteristics that can be analyzed!

I signed a piece of paper, just as I would go about signing for anything else, and wrote two or three more sentences about whatever came to mind (the subject matter is irrelevant to the handwriting).

Here’s what my handwriting revealed to me:

  1. On letters such as “h”’, I make an elongated lower loop that surpasses three whole zones, where the lower zone signifies creativity. However, I have no upper loops, which translates into the fact that I have a plethora of creative energy, but I’m not certain how to artistically project it. So, for example, I’d be more successful as a screenwriter than an actress – I’m better suited behind the scenes.

  2. My margins are arrow straight, alluding to organization, attention to detail, meticulous awareness, etc.

  3. I write on a slight upper slant, meaning I’m optimistic – thinking things will get better as I go along.

  4. My writing lapses the masculine (upper) and feminine (lower) zones, signifying a strong sex drive and a passionate personality.

  5. The tops of my letters are very flat, reflecting manual dexterity, attention to detail (again) and having the ability to assemble.

  6. The letters “y” and “g” are closed, indicating that I am very social with close friends.

  7. I cross the letter “t” fairly high up – signifying optimism and good balance.

  8. I’m communicative…shown by the fact that my letters are round on the bottom like little smiley faces.

  9. I am easily distracted because certain words trail off the page.

  10. Some of my letters have upper points with no loops. I’m definitely direct and stubborn.

Understanding oneself is a lengthy and laborious journey that often takes a lifetime to achieve. By having my handwriting analyzed, I’m obviously not figuring everything out about myself now, but it allows me to examine patterns, assess bad habits, and discover strengths. Essentially it gives me another tool in which to come to terms with myself.

Steve and his wife own Ottawa Divination where they offer a variety of services including handwriting analysis, tarot readings, palm readings, face readings, and more. I bet you all are intrigued (well hopefully at least some of you!) about what your handwriting says about you. We’re happy to set one of you up with the handwriting guru of Ottawa. Apt613 is giving away two handwriting analysis consultations with Ottawa Divination. To enter, send an email with “Divination” in the subject header to by noon on Tuesday, Feb 23. We will select a winner by random draw.

Good luck!


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