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Updated: Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake opens on Elgin

By Philippe Ha on March 7, 2019

Read the 7/26 update below

Make room, Sansotei, a new Japanese eatery is about to see droves of hungry patrons line up outside its doors. As spotted on Twitter, a sign has gone up at 280 Elgin Street hinting to its first new tenant in 36 years — we miss you already, Boko Bakery!

Known for their Japanese cheesecake, Uncle Tetsu has become a cult favourite since opening in 1990, expanding to over 70 shops across China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, New Zealand, and Australia. There are currently ten outlets in Canada, mostly serving the Greater Toronto Area, but this would be the first location in Ottawa.

What makes Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese cheesecakes so special? It’s hard to say. We know that they are light, not too sweet, and incomparably fluffy. They are hand-made every day with no preservatives or additives. In fact, all of their products come from local ingredients without added soy, sesame oil, peanut oil, seafood, or any types of nuts. We also know that some people are willing to wait hours for these things and that during peak hours, the bakery has been known to limit cheesecakes to one per customer to ensure that there are enough to go around.

When will Uncle Tetsu open on Elgin? We hope to find out soon. Will you be lining up for cheesecake? Tweet us when you do.

Update 7/26: Uncle Tetsu’s now open at 280 Elgin St!

Photo: Adam Smiley, first in line at the new Uncle Tetsu location

Apartment 613 reader and apparent cheesecake enthusiast Adam Smiley waited in line for over an hour for the opening of Ottawa’s first Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake store. We chatted with Adam, the store’s first customer.

How was your experience?

Adam: I arrived at 7:45am and was surprised to be the first one there! Other people started to get in line shortly after and there were quite a few curious onlookers. It was definitely a memorable and pleasant experience!

What did you order?

Adam: I ordered their world famous cheesecake and three madeleines that I am going to give to my wife and her cousin.

Would you say you’re a little obsessed with this place?

Adam: Oh I’ve already got friends and family placing orders because I work so close. It’s different than the cheesecakes we’re used to in North America and it has a unique texture and fluffiness to it. The ingredients are simple but the results are spectacular.