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Tru Love opens the upcoming InsideOut Film Fest

By Sanita Fejzić on October 20, 2014

This light romantic film is also a definite tearjerker if you’re sensitive or oblivious to foreshadowing. It’s the story of three women whose lives intersect serendipitously and intertwine to bring about credible character change. The heart does crack open through heartbreak; if you’ve never experienced this kind of loss, then you may not fully understand the profound change that characters go through in the end.

Tru is a lesbian player who cannot commit to an intimate relationship or hold a job for longer than a few months. She helps out her friend, Suzanne, a busy lawyer, by opening the door to her sixty-year-old mother, Alice. She is a beautiful and a recent widow; Alice and Tru, like a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, engage in a romantic friendship that will lead Suzanne to expose the first of the film’s many small twists.

While the plot is somewhat predictable, it doesn’t take away from the simple joy of watching the scenes unfold before your very eyes. So many movies have dealt with love and loss that it takes a fresh perspective to bring it back to life convincingly. Tru Love succeeds in the way it retells these themes even if its delivery may not be extraordinary; which is not to say that the performances of the actors weren’t convincing: they were.

Perhaps what stands out as the loveliest touch for me, personally, is the colour palette of the film. The cinematography by Maya Bankovic (you may know her work from Rae Spoon’s documentary My Prairie Home) is talented and has turned the colour palette of this movie into a character of its own.

The whites, blacks, and all the pastel colours: I’m thinking specifically of the cover image which is also an important scene when Tru and Suzanne meet in front of Lake Ontario, under a blue sky and beneath the pink beach umbrella. The stark white carpet of snow only accentuates the pink umbrella. The suggestive pink opening, like the hollow of a flower is well, a symbol for that other thing I won’t name.

Check out the trailer:


Tru Love is part of a line-up of films for the upcoming InsideOut film festival featuring some wonderful LGBTQ documentaries, shorts and long features. It runs from Oct 23 to 26 and will be held at The Bytown Cinema and Saw Gallery. Tru Love is the opening film on the 23rd at 9 p.m. at The Bytown. Check out the complete film schedule here.