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Treepot indie filmmaker showcase returns – win tickets!

By Karen Diepeveen on October 2, 2012

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Ottawa’s got a thriving filmmaker scene – which is why the Treepot Indie Filmmaker Showcase gets better every year. Coming up on October 4, this fourth showcase is going above and beyond, featuring some of Ottawa’s best as well as some folks who once called Ottawa home. It all takes place down at the Bytowne, where for just $10 you can catch over ten short films and music videos, and win a few awesome prizes.

We’re in the mood for prizes, too, so we’re giving away five pairs of tickets to the screening, as well as two DVDs. The first seven people to email us at with “Treepot” in the subject line will win, so get a-typing! (Editor’s note: our contest has ended – congrats to the winners!) Tickets will be available at the box office on Thursday before the show, too.

We wanted to find out a bit more about Ottawa’s filmmaker scene, so we had Jith Paul, founder of the Treepot Showcase, answer a few questions.

Apartment613: Ottawa’s film scene seems to be growing. As a filmmaker yourself, what have you been noticing about the scene?

Jith Paul: I have been noticing a lot more festivals and collaboration among local filmmakers of every skill level. There are writers groups getting involved and also a growing community of local actors. The local film office (Invest Ottawa) and the City of Ottawa have also been very supportive through sponsorship and raising awareness and are instrumental when it comes to securing permits for locations. SAW Video, a local artists’ co-op, and theatres like the ByTowne have also been very encouraging, and local rental houses and production companies have lent their support to the local indie industry. Local television stations like the CBC and Rogers 22 are broadcasting locally produced short films and documentaries and even shows about local filmmakers and the community. So in general, it’s a great time to be an indie filmmaker in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

What are you most excited about for this showcase?

I am very impressed with the short films and music videos that are part of Treepot4 and can’t wait for our local film family, friends and the general public to see them projected on a big screen. I’m also looking forward to the networking and future collaborations that will come out of this event and the after party at the Honest Lawyer.

There’s an international twist to this showcase. Tell us about why you got some outside-Ottawa filmmakers involved.

While the core content of Treepot4 is locally produced, locally shot short films and music videos, this time around, I’m happy to also include content from a few filmmakers, originally from Ottawa, who have relocated to other cities in Canada and around the world. Social media goes a long way to supporting filmmakers just starting out in the industry and I’m also pleased to feature a couple of movies by filmmakers outside of the Ottawa-Gatineau area who are supportive part of the online community that supports our work and whose work inspires us to continue the work we do.

Why Treepot? Tell us about the name!

I’m quoting from the article in Apt613 from 2010-07-27 since it states it quite well. (Editor’s note: we’re tracking down the post and will have the link shortly!)

“If you live/work/play downtown, you’ll probably have stumbled upon the Treepot. Or, as it is more formally called, Northshore, a sculpture by artist Noel Harding. Since its installation, the sculpture has been adopted by local residents as a point of pride in the neighbourhood. It’s also inspired some other Ottawan artists’ creativity, including the newly-launched” was a way to get the local community of videographers and indie musicians together to help raise awareness of the indie scene and our skill. lead to Treepot Media. While the venues for our work and our scale has changed and grown, at it’s core, Treepot Media is all about and will continue to be about fostering collaboration amongst emerging filmmakers, writers, actors and musicians.