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Tour de blogosphere: Hockey Blogs

By Alejandro Bustos on March 9, 2013

Photo by Dani Girl from Apartment 613 Flickr group

The National Capital Region loves hockey, so it’s no surprise that the local blogosphere is filled with blog posts about Canada’s national game.  While the majority of online chatter focuses on the Ottawa Senators, there are blogs covering the Ottawa 67s, hockey-related humour and hockey stats.  There is also an online forum for the Olympiques de Gatineau.  So sit back and relax, as this week’s blogging round-up reveals where to get your hockey fix.

Ottawa Senators

Battle of Ontario is a blog where Leafs and Senators fans can yell at each other.  OK, that’s not exactly true, as this site is really a discussion forum for both sides of the aisle.  If you were to ask me, however, I would tell you that I love yelling at the Leafs … loudly.

Jeremy Milks is the creative force behind Black Aces, a blog that provides solid sports reporting with doses of humour.  Jeremy also has this wonderful description of himself:  “Starving Writer.  Weak slapshot.  Strong wrister.  Mediocre skater.  Champion beer gut.”

The 6th Sens was created and is edited by G. Nichols, with contributions from writers, “Tim, Scott and Swedish correspondent steffeG.”  Besides having a great name and sense of humour, (on the front page there is an illustration of Alexandre Daigle in a nurse’s outfit with the words, “I see Daigle people”), it also contains a lot of Sens-related information.

Another blog is Silver Sevens, which is part of the online SB Sports network of web sites. Sens Chirp, meanwhile, started as a small blog by a dedicated fan that grew into a popular site for like-minded Sens fanatics.  Other fan blogs include Sens Town, Sens Underground and Welcome To Your Karlsson Years.

Pour une perspective en français, il y a le blogue La Chambre Rouge du journaliste Sylvain St-Laurent du journal Le Droit.  For English-language journalism, there is the blog Off The Posts from the Ottawa Sun, Senators Extra from the Ottawa Citizen, and Dean Brown’s blog from Team Radio 1200.  My Sens City provides a forum and aggregate for blog posts, articles and news releases on the Senator.

Ottawa 67s and Olympiques du Gatineau

The Ottawa 67s have their own fan blog.  While I didn’t find any blogs for the Olympiques de Gatineau, (this web site is not really a blog), I did come across a fan forum.

Hockey Humour / Statistics

Sean McIndoe is an Ottawa-based writer whose articles have appeared in the National Post, and who has written a book based on his hockey humour blog Down Goes Brown.

If you like hockey trivia, then the blog Liam Maguire’s Ultimate Hockey may interest you.  According to a posted bio, Liam had stored a vast supply of hockey data by the age of ten.  “The crowning glory of his youth took place in 1981,” reads the bio, “when he was invited as a guest on the Hal Anthony Talk Show on CFRA Radio in Ottawa.  His destiny was, at that point, assured and he became the unofficial hockey trivia expert.”

Do you know of any other local hockey blogs?  Let us know in the comments section below.  In the meantime, if you want to know more about local bloggers you can link to The Ottawa Blogging Library, a new site that I recently created that contains blogging news not included in the Apt613 weekly blog round-up.