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Tour de blogosphere: Illustrators, painters, sculptors and other artists

By Alejandro Bustos on March 30, 2013


You may have noticed local painter Patrick John Mills on the Mackenzie King Bridge, who is painting outside every day in March.  If you are not familiar with this project, or are aware and want to know more, you can visit his blog where he is documenting his adventure.  (Images of Centretown and The Big Beat have also written about this great undertaking).

Mills’ painting endeavour got me thinking about other art-related blogs in the National Capital Region.  While the following list is by no means exhaustive, it will provide a starting point for those interested in exploring the artistic side of the Ottawa blogosphere.

Blogging Art Journalists

Outside of Apartment613, there are a few local writers who I follow to get art-related news.  The first is Paul Gessell of the Artful Blogger, a wonderful blog published by Ottawa Magazine. (You can read a review of this blog on my personal site).  Then there is the The Big Beat by Peter Simpson, an excellent blog from the Ottawa Citizen, as well as Unfolding that is run by Mike Levin.


I fell in love with comics more than 20 years ago, when I came across my first graphic novel.  (It was Arkham Asylum).  More than two decades later, I am thrilled that Ottawa’s blogosphere contains many talented illustrators.  One site I particularly like is BLARG! by comic artist Tom Fowler, who also runs a separate tumblr blog.

Pictures from the bus, and other tales is another wonderful site.  As the title suggests, Lia Hiltz likes to draw pictures of people on the bus.  However, due to her maternity leave that ends this summer, her current drawings focus on other things, such as her two young children James and Ada.  You can read more about Lia in this feature from Local Tourist Ottawa.

Colin White is another artist worth checking out.  Besides having two previous solo shows, he has been published in such publications as Ottawa Magazine, the Ottawa Citizen and the Ottawa Sun.  If you want to know more about Colin, you can read this interview with Hello Ottawa from a couple years ago.

Other illustrators include Tom Pokinko, who draws portraits, caricatures and urban sketches, among other things.  Then there is Sarouen Chith, an independent graphic design professional, and Sheree Bradford-Lea, a local cartoonist.  Samurai in street clothes is another interesting site, while MiKa Art blog contains a combination of drawings and cute handmade goods.

Photo by Lazy Artist courtesy of Apt613 Flickr group


While Ottawa has many good painters, only a portion of these artists run painting-related blogs. Shannon Lee Mannion has a fun blog called Quirky B’s, while Natalie Bruvels  provides periodic updates on her site.  Painter Sheryl Siddiqui also has a blog, though her last post was this past December, while Rosemary Leach updates her blog on an occasional basis.

Andrew King has a blog on his web site, though it hasn’t been updated since 2011.  However, his web site is still worth visiting, as it contains current news like his upcoming solo show that opens on April 19, with location details still to come.

Sculptures and Textile Art

Karina Bergmans is a multi-disciplinary artist who works with fiber art, sculpture and installation.  Her blog Kaleidoscope Art displays her interesting textile-related work, such as a preview of her upcoming exhibit Ligaments and Ligatures, scheduled to open this coming June at the Ottawa City Hall Art Gallery.

Photo by Christiane Wilke courtesy of Apt613 Flickr group

A recent post on the Domicile blog contains an update on the work of public artist Adrian Göllner, who is building Swift, an eight metre high public art installation that will be placed at the entrance of Domicile’s One3One condo project (currently under construction at 131 Holland Avenue). The post contains fantastic photos of Göllner welding together his sculpture.

Finally, The Big Beat reports on the current restoration work on an untitled tapestry by Nunavut artist Jessie Oonark, who died in 1985.  The 3.73 metres high and six metres wide tapestry is scheduled to go up on the National Arts Centre wall, where it once stood for roughly 20 years before being stored to the NAC archives.


Dipna Horra is an Ottawa-based artist, teacher and architect.  I have visited her site several times and still have no idea how to describe it.  Is it a three-dimensional blog? An alien web site? An advanced form of human consciousness?  Go see for yourself, while learning more about Dipna on her Facebook page.  If you are looking for another multimedia artist, check out Aida Alves.

Know of any other art-related blogs not mentioned above?  Please let us know in the comments section below.  In the meantime, if you want to know more about local bloggers, please go to The Ottawa Blogging Library, a blog that I created to accompany the Tour de blogosphere columns.