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Topographies: New work by Deborah Margo at Patrick Mikhail Gallery

By Diane Bond on March 15, 2013

A few weeks ago, Ottawa-based artist Deborah Margo unveiled new work at Patrick Mikhail Gallery. Working in various media including sculpture, textile, painting and drawing, Topographies takes knitted installation to new heights.

The work evolved from Margo’s recent travels abroad and acts as a record – unique translations of her experiences. If you’ve ever attempted to knit a loved one a scarf, you will appreciate the attention to detail, patterning and repetition evident in the work (the scale alone is impressive).

Each hanging contains smaller fragments, much like panels or frames on a film reel. In some, architectural details or pathways can be seen – others are more abstract. The strengths of the exhibition lie within Margo’s use of colour, as well as the unexpected ways in which the pieces are installed: As soon as you enter the gallery, you are immediately aware of your body and its’ relationship both to the work and the space around it. It’s not just about stepping over and around strands of yarn that affix the work to the floor and walls – it’s an interactive dialogue through Margo’s interpretations of landscape, memory and material.

Margo will be talking about her work at Patrick Mikhail Gallery on Sunday afternoon (March 17) starting at 2pm. Topographies will be up until March 23.

All images by Tom Evans.