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Top local releases in 2016: #10–1

By Greggory Clark on December 31, 2016

Apt613 has a unique take on the “best” albums of 2016. We’ve looked to the charts published by CHUO 89.1 FM to see which records made the most weekly appearances. Tiebreakers go to the record which peaked highest.

N.B. Not every album was released during this calendar year. In several instances, you’ll see a 2015 release which stayed in the charts until 2016. There are even one or two 2014 releases which appeared in the charts.

Most campus and community radio stations send play logs to !earshot, a website where you’ll find the national Top 50 reported weekly.


Title: We’ll Always Have Milhouse
Artist: The Tenenbaums
Label: Independent
Weeks: 5
Peak: #8


Title: Spring EP
Artist: Prayer Wheels
Label: Ringbill Records
Weeks: 5
Peak: #3

#8 – tied

Title: I Saw an End
Artist: Heavy Bedroom
Label: Independent
Weeks: 5
Peak: #2

#8 – tied

Title: Somewhere We Will Find Our Place
Artist: Jim Bryson
Label: Fixed Hinge Records
Weeks: 5
Peak: #2


Title: Please Stop Saying It’s So Beautiful
Artist: Fet.Nat et Les Coconuts
Label: E-Tron Rec.
Weeks: 5
Peak: #1


Title: BB Cream
Artist: BB Cream
Label: Independent
Weeks: 6
Peak: #3


Title: Message texte à Nelligan
Artist: dtrack
Label: Coyote Records
Weeks: 8
Peak: #7


Title: Forms
Artist: Ruth Grader
Label: Low Noise Productions
Weeks: 9
Peak: #7


Title: Graceland
Artist: Steve Adamyk Band
Label: Dirt Nap Records
Weeks: 10
Peak: #1


Title: We Are The Halluci Nation
Artist: A Tribe Called Red
Label: Pirates Blend
Weeks: 11
Peak: #1


Title: Split
Artist: Heavy Bedroom x Kings Quest
Label: Independent
Weeks: 12
Peak: #4

Outstanding releases

Apt613 contributors’ pick: Oyavok Road – Scary Bear Soundtrack. Runner-up: We Are The Halluci Nation – A Tribe Called Red.

#1 chart toppers: Several local releases reached the #1 spot. We Are The Halluci Nation – A Tribe Called Red; Demo – Aube; Graceland – Steve Adamyk Band; Please Stop Saying It’s So Beautiful – FET.NAT et Les Coconuts.

Most weeks in national Top 50: We Are The Halluci Nation – A Tribe Called Red (13)

Most prolific artist: Three releases by Heavy Bedroom appeared in the charts this year. A Place, I Saw An End, and Split w/ Kings Quest combined for 19 weeks in the Top 30. Honourable mentions to Aube, Slack Bridges, A Tribe Called Red, and BB Cream each with two releases in the Top 30.

Top label: Low Noise Productions released three albums which charted in 2016. Transitions EP – Ruth Grader; Forms – Ruth Grader; plus the Low Noise Productions Vol. 4 compilation. More records than any other label. Honourable mentions to Pirates Blend (2), E-Tron Rec. (2), and So Sorry Records (2).