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Top Instagram posts of 2018 on Apt613

By Apartment613 on December 29, 2018



After Canada 150, Ottawa proved that it could keep the momentum going in 2018 with plenty of festivals, new openings, and a constant flow of picturesque views. The photographers quoted here were featured on apt613’s Instagram account after using the #APT613 hashtag in their photos.

Winter lights surround the NAC

by Yoann Fleurance (@lafleurwander)

“I moved to Ottawa almost 1.5 years ago and am still delighted by the city’s architecture like it was my first day here. Ottawa definitely deserves to be better known worldwide.”

Double rainbow at the Ottawa Dragonboat Festival

by Landon Entwistle (@landonspics)

“Between shows at the last night of the Ottawa Dragonboat Festival in June, the skies opened up and it began to pour. My next thought was whether or not I should hide somewhere with my camera gear or stick it out to take photos of the headliner Matt Mays. I decided to stick it out, and just as Matt took to the stage, the rain started tapering off, and two rainbows emerged along with an amazing sunset. After taking photos of the band I quickly rushed to the edge of the crowd, and snapped this shot of the double rainbow perfectly encapsulating the natural amphitheatre.”

Lightning strikes the ByWard Market

by Nicholas Place (@nicholasplacephoto)

“It’s not every day that you can capture a strike of lightning in downtown Ottawa. After a long day at work I headed towards the market to go meet a friend for dinner. While waiting for my friend I saw that the storm was right over me. Every 5 to 10 seconds there were flashes of lightning and I really wanted to try and capture one of the bolts. After about 500 missed shots and 5 slow-mo video attempts, I managed to get a clean shot of the lightening bolt. The best part of this photo is that it was taken with my phone instead of a camera. I usually always have my camera which is a Nikon D500 with me, and this really showed me how capable my phone camera really is.”

Queen St. Fare grand opening

by Philippe Ha (@chowmein.champagne)

“The timing of Queen St. Fare’s launch was nearly perfect (*cough* LRT *cough*) but everyone in attendance seemed to appreciate the experience at Ottawa’s first food hall. The live music has been great, not just at happy hour but during weekends too, so I hope to see it become a staple for those attracted to the city’s core.”

Illustration of Hydro Ottawa workers during #ottstorm

by Brenda Dunn (@artinjest)

“I was amazed by our city’s capacity to look after each other after the September storm. It was amazing to see how Hydro Ottawa and first responders worked around the clock to restore power and I found it hugely inspiring. I drew a similar piece during the 2018 ice storms and it was important to me to be able to say thank you again. It still is. So thank you.”

Helicopter ride over Gatineau Park

by Taku Kumabe (@smaku)

“I remember that morning perfectly as it was my first time on a helicopter—and it was an open-door ride, making it even more memorable. The cool morning air rushing through the helicopter opening as we weaved below and above clouds gave way to some spectacular moments and photo opportunities during a vibrant autumn morning. As soon as I saw the lake through the opening of the clouds, it was as if I wanted to jump right in…but since I couldn’t, I did the next best thing and took this photo instead.”

Women’s March in Ottawa

by Greggory Clark (@greggoryclark)

“The followup to 2017’s inaugural event brought hundreds and thousands to Parliament for a rally and a march from The Hill to the Bronson Centre. An image of Women’s March protest signs made it into Apt613’s top IG posts of 2017 as well. I hope this shows we are not losing any momentum for an important cause.”

Happy Goat opens on Elgin

by Philippe Ha (@chownmein.champagne)

“I had actually just come from the Little Victories on Bank that morning (it was packed!) when I saw Ahmet putting the finishing touches on Happy Goat’s Elgin location. Ottawa loves its independent cafés, and I’ve had the pleasure of discovering many of them by bike this year. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!”