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Photo: Ming Wu/Apt613 Flickr pool.

Top 5 Foodie Friday posts of 2021

By Apartment613 on December 24, 2021


It’s the end of December when everything goes quiet, and many of us enjoy delicious seasonal treats. But if you’re in the mood to read about food, rather than just consuming it, we’ve compiled our top 5 most popular Foodie Friday posts of 2021 to whet your appetite and help you make plans for 2022. So grab a snack and see what made Apt613 readers the hungriest this year:

#5: Ottawa’s food and beverage MVPs of the pandemic: Part One

Food editor Zachary Resnick offered this mid-June roundup of some of the folks in Ottawa’s food and beverage industry whose actions, small or large, helped to support their fellow Ottawans and their industry colleagues during the difficult and scary early days of the pandemic. He followed that with a sequel in early July, highlighting even more food and beverage community superstars. They’re feel-good reads that provide a list of establishments you can feel great about supporting, now and throughout the year.

#4: Future of Ottawa: Fine Dining with Justin Champagne

Part of Apt613’s 2021 Future of Ottawa series, where we asked people in various Ottawa industries to predict where they see their sector headed in the next few years, this entry from local chef Justin Champagne resonated with many readers. Champagne spoke to us about what he hopes to see happen in Ottawa’s fine dining scene and how proud he was to be part of a tight-knit and supportive community where people had banded together to help each other out during the pandemic.

#3: Coming soon: Justin Champagne’s new restaurant Perch pledges “playful elegance,” sustainability in all things

Champagne’s back on the list at number 3 as well, chatting to Zachary Resnick about his upcoming fine-dining spot Perch, which has since opened in the old Gray Jay location on Preston Street. His vision includes amazing food, of course, but also a place where the comfort and happiness of staff members are paramount. He’s also trying to eliminate waste from the restaurant and work with sustainable ingredients. Here’s hoping we can dine at Perch in 2022!

#2: Ottawa’s best birthday specials and freebies

In honour of Apt613’s birthday (June 13, or 6/13), contributor Kiefer Uuksulainen created a comprehensive roundup of food and beverage establishments offering free or special items to patrons who turn up on their respective birthdays. Plenty of complimentary desserts, two-for-one burgers, a dozen bagels, and even birthday cake milkshakes are out there for the taking, so check this out if you haven’t already.

#1: Harmon’s steakhouse opens on Elgin St. with chef Michael Korn at the helm

Turns out you guys really love steak. Our most-viewed Foodie Friday post of 2021 is all about Harmon’s, the new steakhouse that has taken over the old Fox and Feather location on Elgin. Not only is it technically two restaurants in one (Harmon’s upstairs and lighter-fare bistro Abby’s downstairs), but there’s also a butchery and bodega planned for later, where you can buy aged meats and accoutrements to take home. Need a really special steak? This is the place.