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Tonight! Calvin Love brings his bedroom punk to Club Saw

By Jean McLernon on March 29, 2014

Calvin Love finished his Love On Top tour last night in Montreal, and celebrates by playing alongside Theaternia at Club Saw tonight. Calvin Love’s bedroom punk, electronic sound is remnant of the music that came during post punk in the 70’s, and his songs like Cool have a smooth electronic sound backed up by plucky bass notes, music sure to move a crowd.

For Caleb Abbott of Theaternia, Club Saw seems like the perfect place for the two electro bands to combine their music. “The first time I played Club Saw was over ten years ago,” Caleb says, “It’s a cultural hub, mostly for art. So, it’s a great venue. To get to the club, you have to walk through Saw Gallery.” With this in mind, the venue takes on a whole new interest. Both bands play a mix of music that lends well to an environment like Saw, and with an art gallery entrance the venue should be a treat for the eyes, and the ears.

Theaternia has a deeper, more entrancing sound. “Our music, by comparison is a little more dense and heavy, quite a bit darker.” Caleb says. Their songs like Post Secular lose you in their high energy and engaging tones, and collaboration with some of the area’s most talented artists only improves on a quality sound. Their SoundCloud page features remixes with artists like Cabaal, MMXIIHard Science and others. This lends well to giving fans something to go to after the show, and both Theaternia and Calvin Love are playing with musicians in tow.

Club Saw is at 67 Nicholas Street. Tickets are $10 doors open @ 10pm.