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Today is a good day to support Ottawa musicians on Bandcamp

By Greggory Clark on May 1, 2020

Bandcamp, a popular distribution platform among independent artists and labels, is waiving its cut of sales to give a boost to artists affected by COVID-19. That means 100 per cent of purchases made today, May 1st, will go directly to artists. Bandcamp usually takes a 15 per cent cut of sales.

Bandcamp has committed to doing the same thing on Friday, June 5 and Friday, July 3. They’ve done this once before and reported total sales to the tune of $4.3 million (USD) helping artists cover rent, mortgages, groceries, and so much more.

An Ottawa group has done the work for you, crowdsourcing this list of local music available on Bandcamp. “It started in the comments of a Slack Bridges post,” says bandleader Garrett Barr. “It got too big. After 35 acts I threw it in a doc instead.” Circulating all week leading up to today, the google doc now lists more than 100 local artists whose music can be found on Bandcamp.

Musicians will continue to feel the effects of lost gig income for many months to come. It may sound simple, but the best way to help artists is with your direct financial support, and we hope you’ll join us in purchasing downloads, cds, vinyl and merch from Ottawa-based creators.

We recognize that plenty of Apt613 readers are also seeing their livelihoods disrupted by COVID-19, but if you’re lucky enough to be in a position to spare the funds, please consider it.

If you already have all of the music and merch you want from your favourite local artists, consider discovering new favourites via our #ottmusic weekly playlist on Spotify; and sharing your recommendations with friends.

Finally, most of the albums on Bandcamp have an option to pay more than the asking price, and leave a note for the artist. A tip and words of support are always appreciated, but especially so now.

Start by taking a look at this list of Ottawa artists on Bandcamp.