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Tips for enjoying CityFolk this weekend

By Alejandro Bustos on September 19, 2015



Thinking of heading to CityFolk this weekend? Below are some suggestions on how to enjoy your experience based on the first three days of the festival. If you have other tips, below please feel free to share them in the comments section below, on our Facebook page or via Twitter.

Scanning out: Remember that you can scan in and out of the main stage grounds throughout the day and evening. Keep this in mind when wanting to purchase food, drinks or want a change of scenery.

Children under 10 are free: There will be a lot of children-related activities this weekend, so do not be shy about bringing your kids. Also remember that children under 10 can enter free if they are with a parent.

Marvest is free: So you have a ticket for CityFolk but your friends, family, colleagues etc. don’t feel like paying for a day pass. What do you do? Luckily, you can still hang out with your cheapie friends on the festival grounds. Marvest is an offshoot of CityFolk that is taking place along Bank Street, including the Aberdeen Pavilion at Lansdowne. Vendors, some food sellers and a good selection of craft beer makers will be at the Aberdeen location, which is free all weekend. Ticket holders can easily walk out of the main grounds and meet their friends for Marvest festivities, before heading back to the main stage.

Transportation: If you can arrive by public transport or on bicycle please do so. While there is a lot of parking available, traffic on the Queen Elizabeth Drive and Bank Street can get pretty slow during peak festival times.

Beer: There are three beer tents on the main stage grounds. Many festival patrons immediately go to the tent by the entrance when they first arrive, which can result in long lines forming quickly.  It might be better to make the brief trip to the other two tents which can be less busy.  If the grounds are really full — like during the Van Morrison concert on Friday — another option is to purchase a Molson Canadian can from one of the Molson vendors who walk around the grounds with a special cooler backpack.  If Molson is not your thing, and/or you don’t want to wait in line, you can always scan out and walk to the Aberdeen Pavillion and try samples of different craft beer at Marvest, or try one of the many restaurants and/or pubs near the main grounds.

Food: Unlike Bluesfest, where patrons are effectively stuck on the grounds due to its location, CityFolk patrons can access a lot of off-site food establishments. Don’t like the prices and/or selection of the food vendors on the main grounds? Simply scan out and walk to one of the numerous options nearby at Lansdowne or Bank Street, and then head back to the concert.

Washrooms: Lineups for washrooms can sometimes get quite long on the main grounds. If you don’t want to wait in line, then remember that there are washrooms at the Aberdeen Pavilion, which are fast to use when a show is not taking place there as part of Marvest.  The worst time to go, however, is when a major concert is occurring at both the Main Stage and Aberdeen.

Ravenlaw Stage: This is the second, smaller stage at CityFolk. It fills up REALLY fast, so if you want to see a show here make sure to arrive early.

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