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TIMEKODE dance party welcomes JUNO nominated Skratch Bastid for A Saturday Night Special

By Amanda Armstrong on February 25, 2017



When word got out that our favourite TIMEKODE DJs would be back this month for a second go of the dance floor, it seemed too good to be true. The TK crew returns to D’Afrique tonight for the first of many Saturday Night Specials to come, featuring special guest Skratch Bastid.

TIMEKODE is a party in a state of continuous evolution. After the closure of the Eri Cafe in 2014, TIMEKODE returned briefly to Cafe Nostalgica, the venue where TK was first held. Finding that it was no longer quite the right fit, the party moved to Makerspace North, where they were able to dream big and experiment with transforming an incredibly large space into one helluva dancefloor. TIMEKODE celebrated several launch parties at Makerspace – including the release of Memetic’s album, RIDEAU2RICHMOND.

Through their connection with the Eri, Memetic and Zattar found D’Afrique, a restaurant in the basement of a building on Laurier Avenue with “definite throwback vibes.” In this space, TIMEKODE has returned to their monthly dance party format and, as Memetic says, “being in a place regularly, you start to establish roots and start to grow.” The continued growth of TK is certainly in the works. When asked why they chose to launch a Patreon campaign, the most important was, “because, number one, [we] want to do more.”

Patreon is a way for artists to generate a steady source of income through subscriptions from their supporters, who receive rewards from the artists. “Over the years, there have been thousands and thousands of people who have come to TIMEKODE and have developed a relationship with the party,” and the Patreon campaign is a means of furthering this relationship, while receiving some pretty sweet perks.

For a little more than the cost of a coffee, $5 a month will get you half off the price of the door before midnight, as well as a super cool N-Product x TIMEKODE collaboration 45 adapter/bottle opener/keychain, and a Timekode poster signed by the DJs. Those of us who contribute $10 monthly will receive an annual guestlist pass to TIMEKODE – which is transferable in the event that you cannot make it – and the benefit of being able to bring a friend along for half the cost of the door. $20 scores you one of three TIMEKODE tshirts and a screenprinted version of one of albums from the TIMEKODE X series. The list goes onward and upward, the details of which you can find here.

As always, the TIMEKODE DJs have big plans. If all goes well, the Patreon campaign will allow Memetic and Zattar to add Saturday night events to their roster, inviting international guest DJs to spin alongside them in an intimate space. They won’t tip their hat to who these DJs may be, but if world famous DJ Skratch Bastid is any indication, we are in for some epic parties.

TK+SKRATCH+BASTID+MYSTERY+EDITSkratch Bastid spinning at TIMEKODE has been in the works for some time now. Memetic remembers being behind the turntables with him at Bastid’s BBQ last summer and thinking he needed to play a TK party. Fast forward to 2017 and this high profile DJ “out there on the world stage is able to come back to a sweaty basement,” bringing us one incredible launch party.

What else will Memetic and Zattar do with the money raised through their Patreon subscriptions? They will use some of the funds to help release the third and final volume of the TIMEKODE X trilogy, a set of three remix albums in commemoration of their ten year anniversary. They will continue to make and release new mixes. They will also be making improvements to their parties, by investing in upgrades to the sound system and reaching out to fans who cannot make it out by streaming the event and bringing the party to them.

Countless times over the years, the TIMEKODE DJs have heard from fans that they would like to support the party, even if they couldn’t always be there, and a Patreon subscription provides the perfect way in which to do so. Memetic and Zattar are really thankful to have had the opportunity to flourish with the TIMEKODE community and, with the launch of their Patreon campaign, they look forward to continuing to grow “longer, better, stronger – together.”

TIMEKODE presents A Saturday Night Special featuring special guest Skratch Bastid at D’Afrique (164 Laurier W) on Saturday February 25 at 10pm. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Buy tickets here