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Timekode makes moves

By Amanda Armstrong on March 17, 2014



It was on an unusually warm, sunny day in January when Zattar, one of Timekode’s DJs, received word that the Eri was closing. The abnormally nice weather for this abysmal winter helped to ease the blow, but as the sun set and the weather changed, so did Zattar’s mood. An extraordinary sense of nostalgia took over and he sent a text to fellow TK DJ, Memetic, to break the news.

Memetic was on his way back to Ottawa after holidays, when he turned on his phone in the Toronto airport and the first text came through.

“The Eri is closing its doors.”

There wasn’t much time to process the shock and sadness over the loss of the Eri – there were more practical things to attend to. With January’s party expected just around the corner, they had to let the people know.

When Timekode announced that it had thrown its last party, that the Eri was closing and they were making moves, everyone was in shock. After 8 years of bringing soul to Somerset West, the end of an era had arrived.

Despite the closure of the space that Timekode had come to call home, this would not be the end. It was time to find a new venue. When looking for a new space, the guys had certain things they were looking for – a central location with a sound system and a liquor license.

After very quickly considering and dismissing the traditional nightclub venues, Zattar went and saw a few other spaces – some of which were really cool but didn’t check all the boxes for one reason or another.

Very soon after, Timekode decided to revisit its roots and check out the new Cafe Nostalgica. The very first Timekode party was thrown at the old Cafe Nostalgica, where it quickly gained popularity and outgrew the space within a few months time, which brought them to the Eri. Over the years, both Timekode and Cafe Nostalgica have grown and now, eight years later, it seems only fitting that TK would return to its birthplace.

Timekode takes its name from MIDI timecode, “the data that keeps sample loops, filtered basslines, and drum hits moving in unison…the glue that holds together a culture based on pulling together bits of the past to create the sounds of the future”. The return to Cafe Nostalgica after eight great years at the Eri is a pull from their past, towards the creation of Timekode’s future.

This will be a new adventure for the guys of TK, but they are no strangers to new challenges. When Timekode first came to the Eri back in 2005, there was nothing that far West on Somerset. Over the years, Chinatown sprawled out to reach Timekode. Now they are breaking new ground in Sandy Hill. Although it is located on the University of Ottawa campus, Cafe Nostalgica is not your typical student bar – in fact, it is mostly frequented by alumni of the university. Timekode is trading in the infamous stairs to the Eri for a fully wheelchair accessible venue, with a patio dancefloor for the warmer summer months. A new adventure for everyone.

Join Memetic, Zattar, and Eric Roberts as they venture off on the journey of Timekode 3.0 at Cafe Nostalgica at 601 Cumberland Street on Friday March 21st at 10pm. Cover is 5$ at the door. Be sure to get there early – it is sure to be a wicked party!