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Franco Pang in No More Mr. Rice Guy at the Fresh Meat Festival in 2019. Photo courtesy of Fresh Meat.

Theatre Review: No More Mr. Rice Guy at Undercurrents—until Mar. 20

By Samara Caplan and Laura Gauthier on March 20, 2021

No More Mr. Rice Guy made its world premiere this year at the Undercurrents Festival. The show, created by Franco Pang and Alli Harris, tells the story of Rice Boy, a high schooler with a dream of becoming a famous rapper.

After coming across a competition online, he may have found his next big break—if he can write his best work in the next three hours… without his mom finding out. After getting a small taste of the competition he worries his raps may not be controversial enough.

Franco Pang in No More Mr. Rice Guy at the Fresh Meat Festival in 2019. Photo courtesy of Fresh Meat.

This solo show performed by Franco Pang will make you laugh through his attempts at being a “thug” rapper though he’s quite the innocent and young teen. Rice Guy brings the audience on the journey as he tries to work through who he is and what his music means if his raps aren’t about girls, money and drugs.

Streamed live from one room, the show still manages to seamlessly transition between multiple locations—whether it’s Rice Guy’s bedroom, a bike ride through the city, or an audition room. Using different shot styles to enhance the story you are brought even deeper into the humour and realism of the story.

Through laughs and raps No More Mr. Rice Guy is able to delve into issues of race and what it’s like to manoeuvre through a world where you never quite feel accepted. More than finding himself as a rapper, Rice Guy starts to discover who he wants to be as a human being.

The show closes out this year’s undercurrent festival with it’s final performance on March 20th at 8:30pm. No More Mr. Rice Guy is playing as part of the online undercurrents 2021 festival. The show is live streamed. It has performances until Saturday March 20th and runs 45min. undercurrents tickets are sold on a “Pick Your Price” model at $5, $20, $50, $75, or $100. Information and tickets are available online at