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Ingrid Hansen as Kitt

Theatre Review: Kitt & Jane at undercurrents—until 02.15.20

By Samara Caplan and Laura Gauthier on February 14, 2020

Laura and Samara spend their days as non-profit unicorns and fill every spare minute exploring the world of musical theatre as BFFs (that’s Broadway Friends Forever). Follow @bffs613 on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The apocalypse is looming—could you survive it? When Kitt and Jane hijack their school assembly it’s for a good cause, to teach you all you need to know to survive the world’s impending doom.

Kitt leads the way as the seeming expert in survival skills, while Jane follows supporting Kitt’s efforts. As the show moves on we learn how Kitt and Jane became a dynamic duo, what the future of the world could entail and what will trigger the apocalypse (if you were thinking zombies, you may be surprised to find out salmon actually play the big role).

Ingrid Hansen (left) Rod Peter Jr. (right) as Kitt & Jane. Photo: Jam Hamidi

A two-person show, Ingrid Hansen (as Kitt) and Rod Peter Jr. (as Jane) shine equally throughout the performance. With minimal staging other than a projector screen (used for lots of very impressive shadow puppets) and some padded puzzle flooring, Kitt and Jane are more than enough to keep you enthralled and laughing from start to finish.

Kitt & Jane is a fun and fast paced show, with tons of big laughs, some musical stylings, lots of overhead projections and pie. Underneath the comedy, the show makes a statement on the state of the world and how dire things really are.

Make sure to grab your tickets (our show was sold out!) before you miss your chance and doomsday arrives!

Kitt & Jane continues at the Arts Court Studio (2 Daly Ave) as part of undercurrents festival and runs until February 15th. Check the undercurrents website for the schedule. Tickets are pay-what-you-decide, ranging from $5 to $75. The show runs about 75 minutes with no intermission.