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Photo: Erin Brubacher

Theatre Review: Broken Tailbone at undercurrents festival—until 02.16.19

By Helen Lam on February 14, 2019

Think of the deepest conversation you’ve ever had on a dancefloor. Through dance and music, Carmen Aguirre takes the audience through the history of Latinx dancehall in Canada—starting from the arrival of Chilean refugees, fleeing from General Pinochet in the 1970s. Everything is revealed by the music: stories of exile and immigration. The North and the South. Sex and politics.

The show is very interactive, so be prepared to literally dance your way through it (there are seats in case you need to rest). The play unfolds like a memoir recounted live, from childhood to middle age. Carmen is a powerful storyteller that is able to propel you through the years and across countries with her monologues; without the play ever feeling stuck or slow. She is your bossy friend with an interesting past. The audience may be too pre-occupied to let the quieter parts of the narrative really sink in, but they are there nonetheless.

She is your bossy friend with an interesting past.

The bar is open for the duration of the play, in fact I think it’s part of the play in its own way. If you love Latin dance and culture, you will appreciate the care Broken Tailbone gives to the stories of all the musicians whose music is featured. I wouldn’t suggest bringing children to this production, but it would make for an interesting date night.

Broken Tailbone is playing in the undercurrents festival at Arts Court (2 Daly Ave.) from February 13–16, 2019. The show runs for about 75 minutes. Tickets cost $20–25 online. Visit for the complete schedule and box office info.