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The word of God is hilarious

By Bonnie Tompkins on July 18, 2014

It’s not always easy to write reviews; sometimes the art you’re asked to critique is mediocre or unoriginal or it just plain sucks and you’re forced to stretch your imagination to find anything positive to write… The Book of Mormon is not one of those cases.

The award winning Broadway musical composed by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone is witty, funny and, surprisingly endearing. It is, hands down, the best production this writer has ever seen at the NAC.

The Book of MormonJonathan Cullen did a fantastic job playing Elder Price, the young Mormon missionary who suffers a crisis of faith while trying to convert the uninterested members of a Ugandan village to Mormonism. Nyk Bielak’s portrayal of Elder Cunningham is so awkward and geeky that you can’t help but cringe with contact embarrassment… in a very good way. In fact, the entire cast was amazing. From Grey Henson who plays the closeted, but clearly gay, Elder McKinley to Alexandra Ncube who plays Nabulungi the young Ugandan woman who dreams of a better life in the paradise that is Salt Lake City, the cast of Book of Mormon kept us laughing out loud right through the standing ovation.

The Book of Mormon is a definite must see if you are a fan of musicals, South Park, comedic social and/or religious commentaries, or any combination thereof. The story is witty, the songs are catchy and the dialogue is vulgar, who could ask for more from a night at the NAC? With a cast of characters featuring Mormons, warlords, hobbits, demons, Hitler and even Yoda, there is something in this play for almost everyone.

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One small criticism; there were a few problems with the sound, there were a couple of bouts of feedback and occasionally the vocals got lost in the music. But that’s just nitpicking.

The Book of Mormon runs from July 15th to July 27th, 2014. It’s a short run, so buy your tickets now. You’ll hate yourself if you never learn about spooky Mormon hell and I guarantee, you’ll never hear a hotter song about baptism.

You simply won’t believe how much this play will change your life!