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The Strain play the Black Sheep Inn tonight!

By Jean McLernon on May 23, 2014

The Strain is playing at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield tonight, where the band hails from. Their show will not be one to miss, as they’ll be playing songs from their upcoming album, which drops this fall. “This is the first show we’re busting out a few new songs,” David Taggart says, “It’s a good time to get a sense of what’s going to be on the next record.” The band is described as ‘high octane’, and their music easily bounces between high energy tracks, and deeper soulful acoustic songs.

Their album won’t drop until the fall, but Taggart says The Strain has no lack of material for fans to listen to in order to tide them over. “We just released ‘Tearing Up the Streets‘,” Taggart says, “And I just recorded a live, raw session at Red Boler Studios up in Wakefield, which has a sort of a ‘Southern Souls’ kind of vibe.” The acoustic ‘star’ is the first of many sets that Taggart says he wants to do, and fans can look forward to more of the same.

Kalle Mattson also joins The Strain tonight, along with The Wing and The Wild. Kalle Mattson and The Strain are no strangers to one another; they were former competitors in The Big Money Shot in 2012 where The Strain won. Both groups joined forces for the Ottawa Rock Lottery last weekend where 25 local artists come together to create 5 new bands chosen out of a hat by lottery. Kalle Mattson drummer Kyle Woods, The Strain frontman Taggart, Justice Firdawsi of Justice R.F. and Mike Libbos of The Goodluck Assembly had to create an entirely new set in 24 hrs, which they performed last Saturday night at Babylon nightclub.

Between the three bands, it won’t be a night to miss. Join The Strain, Kalle Mattson and The Wind and The Wild at the Black Sheep Inn this Friday, May 23. There will be a bus leaving The Museum of Nature at 7:30pm sharp ($10). Tickets for the show are also $10 and can be purchased online. For more info, click here.