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Photos: Hannah Manning

Stalks are up and the interest is high at The Stalk Market

By Hannah Manning on October 23, 2018

Last spring, I was excited to see signs go up announcing a new local flower shop at the corner of St. Patrick and Dalhousie. In the months since, I have loved popping in for a fresh bouquet of “grab and go” flowers, browsing their selection of house plants and pots, or to enjoy art by a a local artist.

Krista Evans and Caity Paine opened The Stalk Market in April and have been going non-stop ever since. In between them organizing workshops, welcoming local artists, and hosting a wedding, I chatted with them about their first few months and the future .

Interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Apt613: When did you open? How has it been since then?

We opened at the end of April of this year. On our opening day we (like nervous teenagers) anxiously awaited the arrival of people for our Grand Opening Celebration. At 5 minutes to 5pm, we turned to each other and asked ourselves “what if no-one shows?!” When the clock struck 5pm… our little shop was jam packed and it stayed that way until 11pm when we were FINALLY able to close the door… We are thrilled and grateful and overwhelmed by the love and support we have found here on our little corner of Lowertown.

We are thrilled and grateful and overwhelmed by the love and support we have found here on our little corner of Lowertown.

What made you decide on North Dal?

We didn’t decide on North Dal per se, we decided on the space. We fell in love with it half way down the block on our first visit to come see it. It was early March and we had only tossed around the idea of opening a shop together. We found this listing online and we decided to go see it for fun. As we walked from the car to the corner of St. Patrick our excitement grew with every step… Before we even walked inside, we both just knew that this would be the place where our dreams would finally be realized.

What has your experience in the area been like?

Since opening, we have fallen in love with North Dal too. This is an incredibly warm and welcoming community. A proud community and they have so graciously invited us into their fold! We celebrate the loyalty of our new found client base every day, as well as thank all the clients who have followed us from our past and continue with us into our present and hopefully our future!

Do you have a favourite experience so far?

Local artist Judy Deboer at a Jungle Boogie Artist Night.

Our first Jungle Boogie Artist Night was pretty awesome! We have an Art Wall in the shop that we call the “Art For All Wall” and we host local artists on this wall for 6-8 weeks each. It is a free space for them to showcase and sell their art. Jungle Boogie Artist Night is basically their vernissage that we throw them when we display a new artist. The first one was in the middle of June and it was so much fun. Lots of the local community dropped by for a glass of prosecco and to support and shop.

What’s next? How can people find out about the workshops you host?

We have workshops twice a month which have been great. It’s always a fun way to come together over a glass of wine and some nice cheese and create fun things using plants and flowers. We always post our upcoming workshops on Facebook and Instagram.

Is there anything else you want readers to know?

We are a full service flower shop! We always have a cooler full of really interesting fresh cut flowers. We do anything and everything to do with flowers, including delivery. We also have an abundance of house plants that are really interesting. Come by and see us!

Visit them at 246 Dalhousie Street. The shop is closed Mondays. For the latest news about workshops and events, follow them on Facebook or Instagram or visit their website.