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Photo from The Pack A.D.'s Facebook page.

Back to Basics with The Pack A.D.

By Apartment613 on October 21, 2016

Post by Nicole Irvine

When talking with Maya Miller, drummer of Vancouver indie garage rock duo The Pack A.D., you get the impression you’re talking to the cool older sister you always wanted. She has a raspy nature to her voice, a very sarcastic undertone, and gives the attitude that she really doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

Photo from The Pack A.D.'s Facebook page.

Photo from The Pack A.D.’s Facebook page.

That attitude, which surely comes from a place of self discovery and exploration over the course of their career, is exactly where The Pack A.D. decided to take their latest album, Positive Thinking.

“I think this one in particular we went back to our old principle of not really needing to factor in other people really liking it,” Miller explains.

“Basically we just wanted to make music that we like playing and really just didn’t anybody any thought kind of how we used to do things. We kind of strayed a bit on the last album, and decided to go back to the original way that we do things. I think we became more focused on what we like playing and what’s enjoyable to do.”

The duo (with vocalist and guitarist Becky Black) formed in 2006, bursting onto the Vancouver indie rock scene. Without a single contact when they began, Miller and Black began the challenge of making friends with everyone they could, and getting the lay of the land in order to gain access to the right materials and sounds they wanted.

Ten years and six albums later, The Pack A.D. has become a leading force not just for female indie rockers, but for garage rock in Canada.

In fact, they have gained a reputation for creating a massive sound that’s remarkably impressive for having only two members. When they last visited House of Targ this past June, their sound was so explosive that it was even too much for their sound system.

“It was quite packed in there, and we short circuited the sound,” explains Miller. “Hopefully the sound will keep working with the lights, but that’s the sign of a good show.”

With the sound system back up and running (hopefully with a back-up generator ready), the upcoming House of Targ show will likely be as hard, lively and sweaty as the last time. The only difference being that they can finally play the album that has been ten years in the making – a culmination of everything they want to be, both as musicians and people.

And for anyone newcomers who decide to venture out Saturday night and give The Pack A.D. a try, Miller has this to say:

“We’re just there to have fun, no extension. Just show up, and have a good time.”

Catch The Pack A.D. with Ottawa local bands Ornaments, and The Tackies at House of Targ on October 22nd at 9pm. Tickets are available online, at Vertigo Records, Compact Music and Stomping Ground for $15 + service charges.

Their newest album, Positive Thinking, can be purchased here.