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The OAG gets especially creative this Sunday

By Apartment613 on May 2, 2015



Post by Justeen Gales.

The NAC’s Ontario Scene Gallery Crawl, happening in Ottawa this Sunday, has motivated the staff at the Ottawa Art Gallery to host a special Creative Sunday workshop for children and their families inspired by the current exhibition Pretty Lofty and Heavy All at Once (January 23rd – May 10th 2015) by artist Andrew Wright.

With digital cameras easily accessible and the effortlessness with which pictures can be taken, edited, and discarded by the thousands, it is easy to forget the skill that goes into working with film. In this workshop led by Whitney Lewis-Smith, a local Ottawa artist who works exclusively with alternative photography techniques, children will be able to experiment with pinhole cameras and make their own sunprints while learning about traditional photography.

Whitney hopes that through her workshop, children will experience the making of meaningful photographs and learn to talk about the artworks that they create. “The dark room is a fun and inspiring place whether you’re eight or eighty” Whitney says, “my workshop is an opportunity for parents and children to share the magic of being a kid and learn to be excited about what they’ve created.”

The Gallery will also be presenting a painting workshop entitled Crowded on a Velvet Cushion, based on the painterly methods used by artist George Thomson, in conjunction with the current exhibit John Sasaki: Two Roads Diverged in a Wood (January 10th – May 24th 2015) inspired by Thomson’s work.

Each Sunday from October to May, the Ottawa Art Gallery hosts drop-in art workshops for children exploring current gallery exhibits and art making techniques. Each Creative Sunday is a unique opportunity to discover the visual arts in a hands-on way.  These workshops give children access to diverse artistic media and include tours of the OAG’s Permanent and Contemporary collections. Children are welcome to ask questions and explore with their families.

The Ontario Scene Gallery Crawl organized by the National Arts Centre will be happening on Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 from 1-4pm. Visit SAW, OAG, Karsh-Masson, Gallery 101, CUAG, and more!