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A Bank Street scene. Photo by Emrold.

The Future of The Future of Ottawa

By Apartment613 on May 11, 2021


If you’ve been keeping up with Apartment613 on the regular, chances are you’ve delved into the Future of Ottawa series on our blog. The weekly project brings guest authors from the far corners of the cityscape to share their thoughts on the Future of Ottawa art scenes, cultural communities, and local institutions.

We’ve published interviews on classical music, hip hop, farmers’ markets, street dance, poetry, film festivals, French theatre, photography, and art galleries to name a few—peruse the entire series here—asking experts, artists, and community leaders to shed some light on their local field or industry, as it stands now and where they dream it will grow over the next few years.

Where this goes next is anybody’s guess! Apt613’s volunteer editors have lined up several more Future of Ottawa columns this spring, but before we get too far, we thought it’d be a great idea to check in with readers. You’re getting to know the series. We think you get the weekly format. So who’s in your dream team Future of Ottawa lineup? Leave us a comment below to pitch a local community or topic and tell us who you’d love to hear from. (Btw, our comments section is moderated, so your post may take a while to appear, but we’ll see it!) You don’t need to know the person or how to reach them—we’ll give that our best shot.

Every Tuesday we aim to profile a different cultural sector in Ottawa, leaving no niche unexplored—from social justice to theatre, bars to sports, to the future of the municipality and its natural environs. The classic Future of Ottawa survey follows a simple template:

  1. What is the current landscape of _____ in Ottawa?
  2. Where do you predict _____ is going in Ottawa in 2021?
  3. Where in your wildest dreams could _____ go in your lifetime?
  4. What is the best innovation to take place in _____ since the pandemic started to affect Ottawa?
  5. *Who* is the future of _____ in Ottawa?
  6. Tell us something you wish somebody told you before starting your career in _____.

Don’t hesitate! Tell us what you what you want to see in the Future of Ottawa today by leaving a comment below.