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The Feminist Twins present: Paint Nite

By Michaella Francom on May 23, 2015



There are few things more satisfying than the feeling of letting your creativity flow out through a paintbrush and onto a canvas. Add to that the energy of a big ol’ party and you’ve got, in my books, an ideal night out.

Painting parties have been happening around the city for a while now and they all work in more or less the same way.  Purchasing a ticket for the event gets you into the venue, puts a drink in your hand, and covers the cost of your painting supplies.  Unfortunately even at discounted Groupon rates, the cost to attend these events can be prohibitive to a lot of folks who’d love to get involved but just don’t have the cash.

Thanks to the Feminist Twins, that shouldn’t be a problem next Tuesday May 26th at Pressed.  True to form, the Feminist Twins’ version of Paint Nite aims to be inclusive to anyone and everyone from the Ottawa community who might want to come out and try their hand at making a masterpiece.

With a sliding-scale price range of $10-$15 per ticket, the event offers the same great atmosphere and the same basic supplies: paint, brushes and a canvas but at a price point they hope will be manageable for everybody.

But it’s not just about increasing accessibility by lowering the cost to participants.  The Feminist Twins work hard to emphasize the promotion of inclusivity in all social spheres.  They carefully chose a venue that could offer a ramp for physical accessibility and have made it clear that the washrooms will be gender neutral.  The event’s Facebook page also underlines the importance of respect: attendees are expected to “respect each other’s space (personal and otherwise) and be mindful about the use of pronouns and triggers. “

Proceeds from the event itself will be going to PTS, the Ottawa organization that champions social change and social justice by offering support, education and advocacy to the queer community.

In one word, this event is all about empowerment.  While participants are of course welcome to paint whatever they wish, a theme was suggested of creating a self-portrait or of bringing along a friend and painting a picture of them.  The intention is to get some conversation flowing around the topic of identity and self-esteem: something the organizers feel is integral to the larger conversation we should all be engaging in about how we can grow and change as a society.

You can also tune in to hear my conversation with Kayla Spagnoli on CHUO (89.1FM) just before the event gets underway at 6:00pm on our most excellent radio program Apt613 Live.

The event is taking place at Pressed on Tuesday May 26th from 6:30pm-9:00pm.  Tickets are available at-the-door only (no presales).  Co-organizer Kayla Spag would like to emphasize that while they’re asking for $10-$15 dollars, nobody will be turned away for financial reasons.