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Album artwork by Andy Vazquez Valiente.

The feel-good side of feeling bad, Lovers Lane by Terrence & The High Flyers

By Michael Bercier on June 2, 2021

We’ve been sharing singles from retro-rockers Terrence & The High Flyers since they launched the band in 2020. A year later, they’ve just released their second full-length album, Lovers Lane.

“If Butterfly Window [the project’s debut album] was about spring and new life, Lovers Lane is definitely the summertime blues,” says songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Terrence O’Brien.

Lovers Lane is about all the other feelings associated with love. It’s about feeling alone while seeing everyone else in love all around you. It’s about heartache, loss, loneliness and longing. It’s about the darker side of love. It’s about falling out of love and the aftermath of losing someone. It’s not a happy record but it was a necessary one for me.”

“It’s not a happy record but it was a necessary one for me.”

This feeling of lost love can be felt and heard throughout the album but is best embodied by the song “Mind’s Made Up”, a soft tune about the realization and acceptance of a relationship’s last moments. The outstanding song was featured in Apt613’s #ottmusic weekly Spotify playlist this week.

“I just kinda wrote it in the time it takes to play it,” says Terrence about this tune. “It felt very natural and very pure, just me expressing sadness for losing someone I was really close to and it hurt a lot. That’s me basically saying this really sucks but I get it and respect your decision.”

There’s a lighter, almost happy-go-lucky side to Lovers Lane. It’s best showcased on “Good to Me”, the album’s opening track. This upbeat tune is suggestive of the feel-good Rock n’ Roll style of the 60s and 70s that influenced the project.

Terrence is a multi-instrumentalist who performs most parts on his studio recordings. On Lovers Lane, he’s joined by drummer Jasen Colson and bassist Bram Al-Najjar (Track 1, “Good to Me”) and his cousin Francis Pantuso on lead guitar for Tracks 8 and 11, “Hold Me Up” and “Lost & Found”. The album artwork for Lovers Lane comes courtesy of Ottawa’s own Andy Vasquez Valiente, who goes by @vandy.covers on Instagram.

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