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The big one is back – Youppi Club’s second pop up show

By Vanessa Rotondo on April 16, 2015

Roll up. Roll up. The fun is coming!

Feel the magic up close with the Youppi Club, a community of fun-loving folk dedicated to exploring interactive styles of play and spreading joy through performance!

The Ottawa Stilt Union, Ottawa-Gatineau’s bilingual theatre company dedicated to the art of stilting, is now stretching its legs even further with the creation of Youppi Club, an initiative seeking to embrace fun among its members and to grow as a body of inspiring and cohesive co-creators.

This series of monthly pop-up events began last month, celebrating Kleo’s Wake, an adapted SubDevision performance honoring the life of Kleo, a fallen circus stilter. The first inaugural meeting was held at Artisimo Café, welcoming over thirty new participants who ate and drank some of Kleo’s favorite treats, sharing stories about how she positively enriched and changed people’s lives.

Each person who attends and participates in a Youppi Club event receives a VIP Youppi pin. Wear it to subsequent gatherings and receive a special token of appreciation, be it treatment or a treat.

Also, expect the unexpected! Activities can vary widely across the fun-o-meter, whether through music, acapella voice, dance, circus-tricks, theatre, food, philosophy, culture or comedy, come equipped with lose hips and a sense of loopy-ness for your best bet at an exciting and enjoyable time!

By the same token of spontaneity, you can pretty much toss your day planner out the window!  Location details for each pop-up event will only be released a few days prior to the performance. Find them on the Ottawa Stilt Union’s website, Facebook group or Twitter page as we approach the big day.

Lucky for you though, Apt613’s got the inside scoop to Youppi Club’s next event!

This upcoming Monday, April 20th, head to St. Giles Presbyterian Church, 174 First Avenue in the Glebe for a dose of weeknight surprise! Youppi Club asks that you dress formally, yes you, ladies and gents! Step right up to the doors at 7:00pm and stand spellbound with amazement!

Come one. Come all…but leave the kids at home for this one. Admission by suggested donation ($15 at the door, cash only).