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The Apt613 Fellowship Program: Now taking applications!

By Katie Marsh on September 3, 2014


Last Spring Apt613 ran it’s first-ever indiegogo fundraiser to support our new initiative: The Apt613 Fellowship program. This program will allow us to support projects that go beyond blog posts and radio segments. The goal is to take our coverage of the best of Ottawa’s grassroots arts and culture to the next level.

Today we’re launching the application process for the Apt613 Fellowship Program. The due date for applications is September 24, 2014 and the application form is available here. Please read the following Q&A for more information, and don’t hesitate to write to if you have any questions.



Who the heck is Apt613?

Apt613 is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting community engagement in Canada’s National Capital Region. Our main activity is a blog – you’re actually reading it right now – that covers city life and urban affairs in Ottawa and the surrounding area. We also have a weekly radio show on CHUO and host live events such as lectures, election debates and parties. Our goal is to get people to better know Ottawa by getting the word out about the people, events and issues shaping our community.


What is this Apt613 Fellowship thingie and why should I care?

Apt613 currently depends on volunteers for all of its content, but we realize that there’s a limit to what can be done without access to resources. The Apt613 Fellowship program is designed to promote innovative and in-depth coverage of the National Capital Region by providing funding, manpower and feedback for specific projects that go beyond a one-off blog post.

You should care about the Fellowship if you’ve ever had an idea for an awesome digital media project but needed some help to get it off the ground. Fellows will receive the following support for their project:

  • Up to $1,000 in cash. Depending on the project, this money could go towards reimbursement for time spent, equipment rentals or procurement of technical services.
  • Help with volunteer recruitment. We will do outreach to our network of volunteers to try and match you with people willing to help you realize your project.
  • Feedback and mentoring. Apt613 Editors will provide feedback and advice on the project. We will also reach out to our partners and community leaders to identify potential mentors to provide additional guidance on the project.

For the first round we’ll be awarding three fellowships, one in each of the following categories.

  • The Open Fellowship – Any topic or format is welcome
  • The CHUO Audio Fellowship – This fellowship will be awarded to projects that have a strong audio component, such as a radio documentary. The project will also be distributed on CHUO 89.1 on the Apt613 Live radio show.
  • The Bustos Literary Fellowship – This fellowship will be awarded to projects that cover some aspect of Ottawa literary scene, including but not limited to writers, screenwriters, graphic novels, poets or bloggers.


Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone is eligible to apply… except for that guy at 131 Daisy Street . You know what you did.


What kind of projects are you looking for?

The projects accepted for the fellowship must meet three criteria:

One, the project must result in some type of product that can be distributed online through Examples include articles, audio recordings, photos, videos, drawings, or interactive online interviews or panels.

Two, the project must cover some aspect of life in Ottawa. It could be a feature on any aspect of life in Ottawa – cultural, economic, political, historical, community, anything – so long as the focus is local people, businesses, organizations, events or issues. The preference is for non-fiction work, although a creative/fictional project with a strong local angle would also be considered.

Three, the project must go beyond the types of stories we typically see at More specifically this could mean a project that either:

  • explores some aspect of Ottawa culture in great depth; or
  • showcases an issue or a part of the Ottawa community that does not typically receive much media attention; or
  • uses methods that go beyond writing a blog post (video, online panels, quizzes, cartoons, ext).

Some examples of the types of ideas we would love to support through the fellowship:

  • A cartoon series on dating and love in Ottawa;
  • A series of Canadian heritage moment-style videos on Ottawa history;
  • A column outlining the experiences of aboriginal peoples in the NCR;
  • A monthly live-chat panel about Ottawa’s music scene;
  • A periodic segment on our radio show/podcast on municipal politics;

Some examples of the type of ideas that are great in themselves, but won’t be part of the fellowship:

  • A movie review column (not specific to Ottawa culture)
  • A series of restaurant reviews (restaurants already receives a lot of coverage)
  • A workshop taking place at a local café (we couldn’t share the event through


OK, I’m in. What are the next step?

Just fill out our easy application form by September 24, 2014.

The Apt613 Editorial Team and Board will be evaluating proposals based on the sheer awesomeness of your idea as well as our assessment of your ability and motivation to follow through.

If you have any other questions, please send them to