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Marie-Clo. Photo provided by artist.

Talking Albums: Marie-Clo

By John McDonald on June 4, 2020

Singer, songwriter, and dancer Marie-Clo began her artistic career with musical theatre, appearing in such productions as Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Shrek: The Musical, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was music, though, that was her true passion, so Marie-Clo made the decision to concentrate on that. As it turns out, that was a good decision.

Radio-Canada named her Ontario’s number one artist to discover in 2018. Her single “Red Flag” topped the Radio-Canada (#2) and Sirius XM Influence Franco (#4) charts. Her song “Sablier” was used in an Aero chocolate television commercial. She has appeared at RBC Bluesfest, the National Arts Centre, and Montréal’s Place des Arts, and participated in Megaphono and Contact Ontarois. Marie Clo’s debut Faune EP was nominated for four Trille Or awards.

Marie-Clo’s new single “Trophy Wife,” her first English release, speaks of her “voiceless, nameless time as a hockey wife.” This is the first part of what will become Shell(e), a conceptual feminist narrative. The album is scheduled to be released next year.

Et maintenant, Marie-Clo talking albums…


When the COVID-19 pandemic happened and we were told to start isolating, I had to make the tough decision to pull the plug on the first release from my full-length album Shell(e). It ended up being a very healthy decision. Turns out, I was exhausted and deeply needed to rest. COVID was also a trauma of its own; my head just wasn’t in the right place to talk about new music when our world as we know it had changed so drastically. I feel very grateful that I am in position where I am not worried about my safety, shelter, food, and that so many essential workers are sacrificing their own safety to care for their/our community. Thanking them will never be enough.

I didn’t write any music during COVID-19. I reconnected with being a listener, a consumer. I shopped Bandcamp, played records, sang at the top of my lungs, wore dirty sweatpants, and started making my own playlists again, something I stopped doing when starting to release music of my own. I took really good care of myself during quarantine, and dove deeper into friendships/family time on FaceTime (ironically enough), spent a lot of time outside, and meditated daily (which I’ve never successfully done until now). I re-evaluated how I want my art to make me feel and make others feel. I am a very anxious human and I hadn’t been thriving lately with my recent PCOS diagnosis. COVID really put things into perspective, and I’ve reflected on how I’d like to give back to my community and this planet.

Though losing access to my treatments/appointments for my PCOS can be distressing, I can happily say I’m feeling much more vibrant and grounded from the luxury of time. Luckily this will help me feel energized now that my single “Trophy Wife” is out, and the Shell(e) Part I EP/video will be out June 12.

Ive been listening to two records quite a bit during the pandemic. One of them being the Bee Gees’ Spirits Having Flown. I love disco. I dream of being in a disco cover band. Ha ha. The song “I’m Satisfied” could get me out of any funk. I highly recommend a living room dance party to this tune. It is straight-up medication.

The second one is The Platters’ Encore of Golden Hits. There’s just something about music from this era that is so incredibly soothing and special. “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” is an absolute blessing. It reminds me of my musical theatre studies and the narratives/musicals that accompany these beautiful soundtracks.


About the Bee Gees’ Spirits Having Flown

The Bee Gees reimagined themselves with 1975’s Main Course, their first disco album. By the time Spirits Having Flown was released, they were better known for their disco sounds than for their earlier harmonies-based albums. Three chart-topping singles were released from Spirits Having Flown, an album that Allmusic wrote, “featured the most delicate and ambitious production and arrangements in their history.”

About The Platters’ Encore of Golden Hits

Formed in 1952, The Platters are one of the most successful vocal groups in the world, with 40 charting singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart between 1955 and 1967. “Only You (And You Alone)” was their first number one hit in July 1955, followed closely four months later by “The Great Pretender.”

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