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Talking Albums: Dylan Black

By John McDonald on June 1, 2020

Dylan Black is all about Ottawa. His dedication to our community has been recognized with numerous awards including the Max Keeping Humanitarian Award and the Mayor’s City Builder Award. Dylan devotes countless hours to charity with a goal of attending 365 events each year.

Just a few days ago, he made his 92nd blood donation. “I believe in donating blood. It is the gift of life. The need for blood has never been greater. A huge thank you to Canadian Blood Services.”

When not focusing on philanthropic activities, Dylan entertains and informs with the many hats he wears, one being the genial boom 99.7 host. “We are doing our very best to keep people up to date with pandemic info, as well as providing an entertaining distraction.”

Dylan Black tells us about his pandemic days on this edition of Talking Albums.

Dylan Black:

Before the pandemic hit, my schedule was seven days a week—working as a TV host on Rogers TV, Community Events Co-ordinator at Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club, and Assistant Music Director/Host at boom 99.7 radio, along with emceeing special events in our community. I also have an almost 3-year-old, Maxwell James, who can keep me quite busy.

Mid-March, my mother also fell ill. And my heart broke when she passed away March 24. She loved Dwight Yoakam, so I’ve been listening to his Greatest Hits album at home. It makes me think of her, and I do my best to smile through the sorrow.

While in the car, I have Michael Bolton’s The One Thing album from 1993 playing. Michael is my idol, and I had this playing while I went back and forth to the hospital.

Things are still all go at boom 99.7. I’m loving being on air and entertaining/keeping people informed during this stressful time. I do my best to promote community outreach and all things positive. I LOVE having this platform to help. For the time being, Daytime Ottawa on Rogers TV is on a hiatus, and Yuk Yuk’s is closed. But there are better days to come!

About Dwight Yoakam’s Greatest Hits

Vanity Fair said that “Yoakam strides the divide between rock’s lust and country’s lament.” The singer/actor has had more than 30 singles on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs charts, and five of his albums went to number one. Swimmin’ Pools Movie Stars… was his last album to be released and features a backing band full of bluegrass music’s top talent.

About Michael Bolton’s The One Thing

Pluggedin said of Bolton’s ninth album “(his) passionate vocals and belief in enduring romantic love make The One Thing an uplifting effort from start to finish.” The Baltimore Sun agreed: “Not only is the writing heartfelt and tuneful, but it’s blessed with a wider emotional range that allows Bolton room to croon instead of delivering every chorus at gale-force intensity.”

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