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Photo: gi99lepunch/Apt613 Flickr pool.

Takeout Talk: What are you ordering this weekend?

By Apartment613 on July 16, 2021


In this weekly feature, Apt613 asks blog contributors and local figures about their takeout habits and highlights—to help you find new tasty treats to discover or revisit when you’re just OVER IT with making dinner. We want to hear about takeout you loved! Leave comments below and if you’d like to contribute to a future edition of Takeout Talk, email <>.

Highlights this week

Hannah Manning
Lives in: Lowertown
Day job: Weekend roundupper and ice cream aficionado

While they only got an honourable mention in this 2016 roundup of best local ice cream (in my defence, they hadn’t yet opened up shop in Hintonburg, which happened in 2017), The Merry Dairy has shot to the top of my list of go-to ice cream places in recent years. The shop on Fairmont is serving up a few of my favourites things: scoops and soft serve, not to mention full pints, ice cream cakes and ice cream sandwiches. But the real star this summer for me has been their ice cream truck and postal code popups. I was scrolling through Twitter this week and saw that the truck would be rolling up to a neighbourhood park that evening. In typical Ottawa weather, it was absolutely POURING when I went to leave home to walk over. Luckily, the skies cleared on the 5-minute walk over (classic #ottweather move right there). Forget a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow: What you really want is The Merry Dairy’s ice cream truck at the end of a rainstorm. The chocolate and vanilla twist with salted caramel drizzle hit the spot on my walk home, and the ice cream sandwiches were a tasty treat to share when my partner got home from work. You can follow the truck’s location online and even suggest a spot for a postal code popup. If you can’t wait, you can head to The Merry Dairy at 102 Fairmont Avenue Tuesday through Sunday from noon–9pm. They also offer delivery Wednesday through Saturday.

Zachary Resnick
Lives in: Chinatown
Day Job: Food Editor & Breakfast Maven

Okay, sometimes you get a bit too much into the sauce and the next day you need a breakfast the size of a St. Bernard to get you going. Something that would make a Quebecois lumberjack blush. That’s where the Elgin Street Diner has got your back. Anyone who’s lived in Ottawa any amount of time wanna pretend like the Diner HASN’T saved their life at one point or another? Anyways, we’re talking about the Hangover Breakfast here, a longtime menu staple that’ll fix you up and keep you fuelled until the sun goes down. We’re talking about two eggs as you like them, three pieces of meat from the breakfast trifecta of bacon, ham and sausage, some baked beans, toast and, instead of homefries, oh lordy, an Elgin Street Diner poutine. All that, plus a cup of coffee and a darling little orange wedge, coming right at you through the power of delivery, allowing you to shake off that hangover and take on your day! Just, go for a walk at some point, or something.