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Hintonburger is back! Photo: Kiersten Vuorimaki.

Takeout Talk: What are you ordering this weekend?

By Bruce Burwell and Kiersten Vuorimaki on July 9, 2021

In this weekly feature, Apt613 asks blog contributors and local figures about their takeout habits and highlights—to help you find new tasty treats to discover or revisit when you’re just OVER IT with making dinner. We want to hear about takeout you loved! Leave comments below and if you’d like to contribute to a future edition of Takeout Talk, email <>.

Highlights this week

Bruce Burwell
Lives in: Queensway Terrace North
Day job: Itinerant Iconoclast

If you live in Centrepointe, you already know about Baan Thai. It feels like it’s been there forever. For many years, it was our go-to spot when we wanted a good meal before a show at one of the Centrepointe theatres. The restaurant is in a small strip mall and looks unpromising from the outside, but inside it’s well decorated and very cosy. We’ve tried most of their menu and a few faves that we come back for are the pad thai, the tempura veggies and the yellow curry. Last week we had the Goong Pad Ma Khua Yoaw – which is sauteed shrimp with eggplant, chillies and basil in a black bean sauce. Lovely. Next time we’re going to try the B.B.Q duck in red curry with basil and eggplants.

Kiersten Vuorimaki
Lives in: Chinatown
Day job: History Nerd

Our summer takeout prayers have been answered. Hintonburger is BACK. First opened in 2010, Hintonburger has been a cultural touchstone for many of us burger lovers in the city for the last decade, as we followed them from location, to location, to location, to pop-up. The newest incarnation hits the perfect note of nostalgia if you remember the days of the tiny shack in Hintonburg full of smoke, steam and grinning faces. Ottawa’s favourite burger has found a new home at the Parkdale Market, available Wednesday-Sunday 11am-8pm for all of your eating needs. The menu is limited to burgers, hot dogs, salads and drinks for now–but you won’t even miss the fries. I promise.

You can roll up to the tent, order your Hintonburger fully dressed and either jump back in the car or on your bike to eat at home in peace, or grab a picnic table in the adjacent park and enjoy it old school in the Ottawa sunshine. The classic Hintonburger with two patties and fully dressed is my personal fave, or you can opt for the smaller Armstrong burger. There’s a Beyond Meat option as well, so nobody feels left out. The salad is simple, fresh, and the perfect side to share with a friend. Be prepared: they are CASH ONLY for now, until they can rig up some more tech. Although there is something beautiful about trading cash for a greasy paper bag, and then making a mess of yourself in public. If you haven’t been to Hintonburger before—GO THERE NOW. Trust me. Bring wet naps.