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Mantu from Mezbaan. Photo: Murray Wong.

Takeout Talk: What are you ordering this weekend?

By Apartment613 on May 28, 2021

In this weekly feature, Apt613 asks blog contributors and local figures about their takeout habits and highlights—to help you find new tasty treats to discover or revisit when you’re just OVER IT with making dinner. We want to hear about the takeout you loved! Leave comments below and if you’d like to contribute to a future edition of Takeout Talk, email <>.

Highlights this week

Murray Wong
Lives in: The Glebe
Day job: Energy trader
Blogs at
Instagram @eatthistownottawa

Having moved to Ottawa from Nova Scotia a few years ago, I really appreciate the depth of the food scene here! A perfect example of that is the variety of Afghan restaurants like Mezbaan, which is located in the Bayshore area. I’m all about dumplings (who isn’t?!), and Mezbaan’s mantu are filled with a rich and earthy mix of beef and veg, and topped with bright and tangy yogurt- and tomato-based sauces. They have several kabob offerings as well. The beef shami and chicken breast kabobs were expertly cooked—there wasn’t a hint of dryness—and they had lots of flavour, but without completely overshadowing the meat itself. Mezbaan is also the perfect food to fuel up before a walk at Britannia Conservation Area! Prices for most meals are in the $13–$18 range, and come with rice, salad, and naan. Delivery options are Skip and UberEats or you can pick up your food and bring it home.

Mantu from Mezbaan. Photo: Murray Wong.

Michael Bercier
Lives in: Britannia Beach/Lincoln Heights
Day Job: Musician, Marketer & Project Manager

Last week for my birthday lunch I was craving something indulgent and flavoursome, and boy did The Third deliver! I got the crispy chicken sandwich ($13), which comes on a homemade potato bun topped with jalapeño/carrot slaw and spicy mayo. It was deeeelicious. As always, their sweet potato fries ($6) were absolutely amazing. If you know of a place in Ottawa with better sweet potato fries please @ me. I will definitely be ordering again soon!

Crispy chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries from The Third. Photo: Michael Bercier.

Name: Alex Harea
Day Job: Tennis coach/musician
Neighbourhood: Little Italy

This week I ordered from Del Piacere three times (not ashamed). This place has some of the best and most traditional Italian pizzas I’ve ever had in Ottawa. The first order I did was a seafood pizza that had scallops, shrimp, calamari, and mussels. Totally over-the-top and totally delicious. My second order was the biggest chicken calzone I’ve ever seen in my life. It was gone in about seven minutes. For my third order, I decided to go more traditional with a margherita pizza and it was probably the best pizza I’ve ever had. All of their pizzas are 15 inches and under $20. The value and the quality is off the charts. 10/10, will order three more times next week.


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