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Photo: Nutty Greek Bake Shop (Facebook).

Takeout Talk: What are you ordering this weekend?

By Bruce Burwell, Greggory Clark, and Sonya Gankina on April 23, 2021


In this weekly feature, Apt613 asks blog contributors and local figures about their takeout habits and highlights—to help you find new tasty treats to discover or revisit when you’re just OVER IT with making dinner. We want to hear about the takeout you loved! Leave comments below and if you’d like to contribute to a future edition of Takeout Talk, email <>.

Highlights this week

Bruce Burwell
Lives in: Queensway Terrace North
Day job: Vaccinated vacillator

I had a craving for sushi last week. I’d seen some appealing pics, by some local IG Foodies, of a small sushi place called J:unique Kitchen on Cooper, so I decided to give it a try. We were indecisive and ordered the “Party For Two” platter. It included miso soup, tempura, rolls and sashimi packaged on a tray that we’re going to reuse. I didn’t have high expectations for the tempura, since it’s not usually too nice after it’s cooled off, but it was actually still pretty crunchy and tasty a half-hour after I’d picked it up downtown. Of the other items on the tray, the one I really loved was the Big Boss roll. It features crab, shrimp and tuna in a BIG roll topped with sweet potato strands. Everything else was very good, but pretty standard sushi fare. Next time I order from them, I’ll focus on the special rolls, since they have a lot of interesting sounding options.

Apart from the food, a couple of things really stood out to me about J:unique: They are clearly working very hard on customer service. The people on the phone and at the front were super nice and they were giving out bonus “extras” of mini spring rolls. And their restaurant is achingly cute inside. It’s a tiny little place in an older house on Cooper a few feet away from Bank Street. Every seat in the place has a great view of the sushi chefs at work. I’m looking forward to strolling in there some steamy summer evening and sampling some more rolls.

Greggory Clark
Lives in: Hintonburg
Day job: Freelance musician

The last year or so of staying at home ruined one of my better routines: visiting Hare & Hound barbershop on Preston and then heading around the corner to *line up* for lunch at the Nutty Greek Bake Shop on Beech Street. Though never a long wait, there was always a line—a true testament to Nutty Greek’s food quality. Fans love this family-owned bakery for their baklava, loukmades (handmade Greek donuts), $1 hunks of biscotti, other sweet treats, spanakopita, sausage rolls, and espresso. Of course, these days you’ll phone ahead for takeout.

At lunch and dinner, all eyes are on the grilled pita wraps. The “Pita Dinner for 2” combo includes two pita wraps of your choice (grilled chicken, gyro, and pork souvlaki are my go-to favs), an order of Nutty Greek’s signature lemon roasted potatoes, and a small Greek salad. The pita is so fresh (so fresh!); their tzatziki is thick, obviously homemade. I add a large square of baklava to the order. The dinner combo and baklava only comes to about $30 after HST, which is half the amount my partner and I got used to spending on takeout dinners from Pure Kitchen or Heartbreakers Pizza. (Nothing will stop us ordering from Pure and Heartbreakers in the future, however, Nutty Greek is going into rotation!)

Bonus: It’s getting to be Orthodox Easter Time, so Nutty Greek is taking pre-orders for Tsoureki (a traditional Greek-style brioche), Koulourakia (orange zest cookies), Kourabeithes (shortbread cookies), and Amigthalota (almond biscuits). Pre-orders only with pickup on April 29–30 and May 1.

Photo: Nutty Greek Bake Shop (Facebook)

Sonya Gankina
Lives in: Hintonburg
Day job: Freelance digital marketer

After a somewhat stressful Thursday (I heard the full moon is coming so let’s attribute it to that and not general life struggles), I decided to get takeout as a comfort. I checked UberEats and noticed something new: “Hintonburg Chop Shop” was only a few doors down from me. I found their website and was delighted to find it was a collaboration between three restaurants under one roof: El Camino, Shelby Burger, and Giulia. El Camino happens to be one of my favourite restaurants in Ottawa and I was sad to leave the market location behind when I moved. Realizing I now had one so close to my house was like Christmas morning. I ordered a crispy fish taco, eggplant taco, and a cauliflower taco with spicy peanut sauce on the website, chose my pick-up time and walked over to what used to be Bar Laurel on Wellington Street (#RIP). Plus, I saved like $20 on UberEats service and delivery fees. The service was super efficient and easy and people working were very kind. I didn’t take advantage of it then, but it’s such a joy to be able to order tacos AND burgers and fries from the same place. The future is truly now.


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