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Take me with you, Nick Everett | Mauno at Mugshots tonight!

By Apartment613 on February 17, 2015



Post by Sarah Patterson.

Halifax/Sackville-based three piece, Mauno and fellow Haligonian minstrels, Vulva Culture (60s girl-group vocals on Quaaludes), are currently working their way west-ward on an eastern Canadian tour entitled “Rolling in the Creep.” They’re scheduled to play in Ottawa along with locals, Baberaham Lincoln on Tuesday Feb 17th at everyone’s favourite haunted jail chapel tavern, Mugshots. 

Spearheaded by Nick Everett (Budon, Nick Everett & Everybody), Mauno comprises two other notable musicians as well, namely Halifax’s Eliza Niemi and Sackville staple, Evan Matthews (Mouthbreathers, Yellowteeth). Listening to the few tracks by Mauno on their split 7″ (shared with tour-mates Vulva Culture) I am struck by how the vocals and arrangements are reminiscent of alt darlings, Grizzly Bear. The references are familiar enough but not in a Sam Smith/Tom Petty way, rather the music elicits a wistful affection for an album that I’m sure is around here somewhere..

Can something be sparse and lush at the same time? The tension provided by the radiant vocal harmonies of Everett and Niemi on the track “Nothing” sparks a hopeful anticipation in the pit of my tummy for the impending spring thaw. Pushing winter megrims aside and listening contentedly from under a deep blanket of thick, fluffy snow, this is decidedly a 7” for all seasons. Sure-fire percussion affords the threesome room to experiment with melody and temperament making for a curious and measured experiment in devotional lyricism.

This album will change at whim until we’re done” writes the band on their website. This statement is, if nothing else, an artist’s prerogative. Nevertheless, it’s a decidedly non-committal commitment to attaining satisfaction, however meandering the journey may be. I am along for the ride in the ebb and flow of the waves in your ocean, Mauno. I am passively afloat in the depths of the music – take me with you, Nick Everett.

Mauno perform with Vulva Culture and Baberaham Lincoln On Tuesday, February 17 at Mugshots (75 Nicholas St). Doors open at 8pm, $8 cover or PWYC.