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Here Comes The Devil au Mayfair

Par Mariette Delevallée 97 minutes — Adrian Garcia Bogliano, Mexique, 2012 “Ici vient le diable”, gronde le titre de cet opus mexicain sorti de nulle part. Un film d’horreur et de possession? (me demanderez-vous) Non. Des zombies grommelant au rythme d’un rock funèbre et psychotique? Non plus, désolé. Ni vampire, ni exorciste, peut-être un peu […]

Write On Ottawa: Discussing writing with a possible zombie (no, really)

Victoria Dunn is the evil hive mind of local writers Victoria Higgins and Meghan Dunn.  Using this pen name, the duo jointly wrote Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies, a wacky novel published by The Workhorsery that is filled with zombies, bog snorkelling, and an organization called the Odyssey International’s Enforcement branch that fights the supernatural. In an act of […]