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Foodie Friday: Zolas celebrates 30 year milestone

Thirty years in business is an accomplishment. Those same 30 years in the hospitality industry is increasingly uncommon. Bells Corners’ Zolas Restaurant, co-owned by siblings Gina and Chef Tony Vacchio, will be celebrating this very milestone later this year. “We are so fortunate, and very grateful to have such wonderful customers.”, Gina told me during […]

Vinx brought one-man show to Zolas

“Music is a language. It’s another facet of the way we communicate, only with more feeling and passion. Theory, notes, technicality…throw those out the window.” – Vinx Vincent De’Jon Parrette, more popularly known as Vinx, brought his one-man show to Ottawa’s beautiful Zolas Restaurant this past Thursday night. He gave us a taste of his […]

The Zolas kick things off at Mavericks this Wednesday

If you’re not already familiar with the music of Vancouver-based band The Zolas, this Wednesday at Maverick’s is the perfect chance to get introduced. Having never seen them in concert, I’m eager to see how the technicality and energy of their most recent album, Ancient Mars, translates to a live performance. The band’s core duo […]