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Youth Infringement Festival

Rehearsal Pictures from So, You're Stuck in an Underground Bunker, featuring Maëlys Wega, Janani Suthan, Matthew Yorke Gambhir, Meadow Agar, Catherine Mona

So, You’re Stuck in an Underground Bunker at YIF

Laura and Samara spend their days as non-profit unicorns and fill every spare minute exploring the world of musical theatre as BFFs (that’s Broadway Friends Forever). Follow @bffs613 on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. What happens when five young people are trapped together after the world has been destroyed by nuclear war? Written by Harley Wegner, […]

Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire?

Despite the recent ugly temperatures, the tulips are putting on their annual spring show for us, so the only mood in Ottawa right now can be hopeful! I’m channeling hopefulness this weekend, friends, as we face another one in lockdown, but inching closer to warmer weather, herd immunity, and that sweet, sweet freedom of the red zone!

Weekend Roundup: Quoi faire?

It has been a long winter and this weekend we celebrate the arrival of spring, sunny skies, and above-zero temperatures. Whether you’re eager to get outside or you’re keen to stay home, we’ve some fun ideas as to how to make the most of your time this weekend.

Nebraska (Youth Infringement Festival winner)

Review by Amanda Dookie @letitbeamandad 45 min | Comedy | Drama Do you have a secret? Would you be able to turn to the person next to you and share it? For twenty-seven year old Matt, being caught between two people doesn’t make that easy. Tony Adam’s Nebraska is a tale about coming-of-age in the midst of […]