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Video of the week

Video of the Week: “Off Some” by TwoTiime

One of Ottawa’s biggest up-and-coming hip hop artists, TwoTiime, recently released an Official Music Video for his latest song, “Off Some.” You may already know TwoTiime from his popular releases “Hood Cry” and “Keep It Real,” which garnered international attention. There is no doubt that this newest track will follow suit. The “Off Some” official […]

Video of the Week: Farming your own fungi

If you love the outdoors, then perhaps you also have an interest in the unique and wonderful world of mushrooms! There’s a lot to discover here in Ontario, where over 5,000 different kinds of fungi grow in nature—but did you know that you can also easily grow your own mushrooms to cook with at home?

Video of the Week: “Delusions” by Violentine

Local band Violentene (made up of multi-instrumentalist Roland M. and vocalist MvriJo) just dropped a new video for their latest single “Delusions,” a self-described “intense, beat-driven” slice of ’80s-inflected synthpop that’s perfect for a nighttime drive, with dreamy yet urgent vocals floating over the thumping bass, layered synths, and zingy electric guitar. It’s a whole mood and I am into it.

Video of the Week: “Life In Spin” by Timothy Trieste

Negotiations with Existence is a short film series written, photographed, and produced by Ontario artist Timothy Trieste. The presentations include lyrical music as well as short story narrations that examine the great questions about the nature of human life. His third and most recent episode came out on Jul. 12.